Everything Gets Better Once You…

… start tracking things. Measuring. Keeping score.

Because the saying ‘what gets measured, improves’ doesn’t even begin to cover the importance of measurement.

Point in case:

All my life, I never bothered to measure my money – let alone budget it.

I would earn cash, spend cash, earn it, spend it… and many times during any given month, I would wonder where it had all gone.

But then I discovered a nifty little program called YouNeedABudget.com, and everything changed.

Now, I give every dollar I earn a job.

I track my income and my expenses.

And yes, my personal economy has definitely improved because of this measuring.

But on a far more important level, it’s had a huge impact on me, my state, and my well-being.

I no longer fret about money, because I know exactly where I’m at, any moment that I care to look at my finances.

The difference is HUGE.

Another example?


That’s one where I don’t have a good idea yet of what happens.

At the end of most every day, I wonder: ‘Where did it go? What did I do today?’

Oh sure, I’ve been working and I got a lot done – I can tell because I feel the satisfying tiredness that follows a good day’s work.

But what exactly DID I get done?

Aside from the coaching sessions – what actually did I do?

No clue.

Which is why starting today, I’m going to start tracking how I spend my time.

Because just like money, time is a finite resource.

Every dollar and every minute: you can only spend them once.

And now that I’ve experienced the sheer joy (yes! joy!) of budgeting my cash, I’m going to do the same with my time.

Because while I’m a fairly productive guy, I know for a fact I can be more efficient and get more done.

And I deserve the tranquility it brings, and you deserve more of the best of me.

That Procrastination Course I’m building for example: I’ve been working on it but it’s not done yet, and the reason is that I’ve been spending my time willy-nilly.

While I know that once it’s ready, it might really help you.

So that’s what I want to start your week with: the notion that tracking, measuring and budgeting isn’t boring or a chore: it’s a proven method to create more calm, time, enjoyment, and productivity.

So you might want to consider it for yourself.

What you might also want to consider is joining one of my coaching programs, in case you already have tracking in place, and you’re ready to start playing the game of business at
a higher level.

Just let me know if that’s the case.



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