Ethical Sales Strategies, for People Rich With Integrity

Yesterday, someone asked what I do, so I said: I teach people ethical selling.

“Huh”, they said. “That’s odd, because selling and ethics are diametrically opposed”.

Are they though?

If a baker sells you a loaf of bread, is he being unethical?

He’s got something you want, and you’re both happy to exchange things of value.

Selling – or, trading value – is natural. Older than language. Belongs to being human.

Lack of ethics only comes in when a seller sells something that the other person doesn’t need, or won’t benefit from, or when the buyer is manipulated into buying.

But as long as you the seller want the buyer to make the best possible decision for themselves – be it buy or not buy – there’s no ethical conflict.

In fact, when you’re happy to take a no if that’s best for the buyer, you’re in full alignment with ethics.

Which is why I like to say that I teach ethical selling to people rich with integrity.

And if that’s you, and you want to sell more at better rates, let’s have a chat.

Hit reply and let’s set up a time to talk, see if I can help you.



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