Efficiency, Viability, and: FUN…!

A reader writes in:

“Not sure what you think about this but I think this is something other artists should know (but I might be doing it wrong).

“It’s about that 80/20 rule. I realised today that I spend most of my ‘marketing’ time on the internet. But 80% of my sales happen from doing exhibitions.

“So basically I could be putting my time into the wrong thing.

“I’m not saying I should quit the internet but i should probably be putting in less time in.

“True the internet connects you to the whole world … but it connects everybody else too.

“And I also think this about numbers and people too: The internet promises big numbers but it’s often when you get in front of real people not numbers that you get results.”


Very nice. I love seeing people take action and become more aware, with the things I teach.

That 80/20 rule, in case you’re not aware, is what’s also called the Pareto Principle.

It says that in general, 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

And yes, this reader makes sense: if most of his sales are offline then it’s good thinking to put more effort into getting in front of people.

But there’s more to it.

This is what I told him:


You need to take a step back there.

Your thinking is very good, but look at the bigger picture:

It’s not so much a question of how much time you should put into internet marketing, but rather how you apply that time.

If 80% of your sales come from direct interaction, then how can you modify your internet efforts so that they result in more offline conversations….?


See what I mean?

Yes it’s good to get seen more.

But you’ll need to make that happen, it takes work.

Visiting people, phone calls, emails – if you sit still you won’t get into exhibitions.

So the question is: if you want to get into more exhibitions, how can you use the internet most efficiently to make that happen…?

As always, start with fun: What’s the most enjoyable method for you?

Next, determine how viable it is, in other words: Is it likely to get you the most results for as little effort as possible.

Note that the last question isn’t about getting results automatically, but instead about efficiency.

Fun? Viable?


Next step: take action.

And, if you want help in figuring out which actions, and guidance on how to iterate and optimise them?

Then I’ll coach you through it.

Just hit reply if you want me on your team.



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