Eating a Live Frog for Breakfast (Vegan Safe)

One of the best things you can do for your art career, is to eat a frog for breakfast.

NO! Put that frog down!

Sheesh. Must you take everything so literally?

I’m talking metaphor here.

Allow me to explain.

Imagine you were struck with some odd medical condition, and no doctor would be able to find a cure.

Except one, who says that a certain type of frog, when eaten alive once a day, can cure you.

And hey, you want to live so what can you do?

Now most people, they’d put it off until later in the day.

I mean, who wants to eat a live frog?

But that means you spend the whole day dreading the prospect of eating your medicine, which ruins your entire day.

And, there’s a real risk that you’d end up not doing it at all.

Which, as the doctor told you, is only going to make your affliction worse.

Now, lets leave the image behind, and translate this into art marketing.

There are things you know would be good for your business, but they’re not something you’re looking forward to.

Maybe it’s phoning people up, or fixing your site, or writing daily emails.

Doesn’t matter what it is: You know that there are things you could do that would really have an impact on your business, and you just. keep. putting. them. off.

No, I’m not a mindreader: I just understand the human being.

What’s more, I’m the same.

But for the last few weeks, I’ve experimented.

I’ve eaten a live frog – as in, I’ve taken big action exactly on those important things that are going to make a difference to my business.

One of those things is calling people up, out of the blue.

And I’ve done it.

And it’s already had some interesting results.

For one thing, the seminar I’ll be hosting next month, at a gallery not too far from here.

So yeah. Eating frogs. It works.

No Kermit! It’s a me-ta-phor!


If you want to get ahead, it’s worth your effort to identify one or two important things, and stop procrastinating on them.

And once you get it over with, you will feel like amazing.

If you start your day with just one simple but important action, you’re going to be on top of the world the rest of the day.

Which means that you’ll enjoy the fun marketing things even more.

Oh yeah. Psychology baby.

Want more psychology that helps you advance your art business?

It’s in LEAP, and you can get it here –>



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