Drink First, Kiss Later


Imagine you’re a guy in a bar, and you see an amazingly attractive woman.

You go up to her, you tell her your name, and you instantly lean in to plant a big smacker on her lips.

Nobody in the world would take that approach, right?

If you were to try, you’d be more likely to receive a slap in the face than a kiss.

No surprises.

Except, thousands upon thousands of businesses do exactly the same thing with their customers.

So let me ask: If this is a given in a social sense, why do businesses make this same mistake in their sales process?

You’d be amazed how often it happens.

I join someone’s list, and BAM – a sales pitch lands in my inbox.

But listen, I don’t even know you – I only just signed up. Aren’t you going to chat me up a bit first?

You’re not going to buy me a drink and make me laugh?

I won’t get to know you before *cough* getting down to business?


Staggering, really: People work hard to rank in Google, they Twitter and Facebook all over the place.

When finally traffic comes to the site, the first thing they do is tell the visitor: Buy from me.

I’m not saying that sales are like dating, but there are many parallels.

Just like you wouldn’t dream of trying to kiss a girl until you’ve gotten to know each other, you shouldn’t sell to fresh visitors.

What you want to do if you want that kiss, that purchase, is first build a relationship.

In a bar, you get her a drink first.

You talk about fun and interesting things, you make her laugh, you build rapport and when you sense there’s a readiness, an interest – that’s when you make your move.

In business exactly the same thing applies: First you need to get someone to know, like and trust you. THEN you make your offer.

So, resuming: If you want a sale, get your customer drunk first. And then kiss them.

Which is probably the worst advice anyone could ever get in business.

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