Don't Be a Free Money Idiot

Some clients are absolutely golden, but sometimes you run into people who just don’t get it.

Like this guy last year, who asked me to build an automatic business for him.

Find him an affiliate product, get a website built, set up SEO and traffic strategies, create salescopy, an Adwords campaign… the works.

His idea was to pay me for all the above, and then take ownership of the business. He wanted me to build a thriving business, and then cash in on daily autopilot income.

I told him I could take care of it all, but it would cost him thousands upon thousands of dollars.

He didn’t get it. Why so much? He had been told it should take no more than $1000. (Seriously!)

I explained that it’s a lot of work, involving outsourcing a bunch of tasks to individual experts. Besides, just a website full of persuasive copy would run him a few thou.

Also, the value of a turnkey business that runs on autopilot is quite high.

He didn’t get it, so I told him: “If I could build a business that runs on autopilot and earns a monthly $2000 without having to keep working in it every day… wouldn’t I be building it for myself?

Don’t you think I’d be creating these serially, for my own benefit?

Why would I take the $1000 you’re offering me, to put in a month of work, and then let you reap the benefits? Don’t you think I would do it on my own, without your money, and keep the business for myself?

Believe me, if it could be done for $1000, I would be doing it right now, instead of talking to you.”

He wouldn’t see sense. He’d been blinded by one of the many ‘make money while you sleep’ hoaxes.

There’s no such thing as free lunch. Only hard work, smarts, luck and learning. Put those together and you may have a healthy business.

Speaking of healthy businesses: If your site is doing well but not well enough, you just might want to improve your salescopy.


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