DOH! So It Was In Front of Me All the Time?

It’s not that I’m dumb, but it sure is interesting how sometimes, the obvious stares us in the face and we just will not see it.

Which is, for example, what happens whenever a woman happens to like me.

I kid you not: almost every time a chick is interested in me, I’m over in the other corner, trying to make eye contact with a completely different woman, usually one who has no interest in me whatsoever (and who may or may not be wearing yoga pants).

But I digress.

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to offer something more affordable, something accessible to more people.

Because let’s face it: not everyone, no matter how motivated and investor-minded, can afford to invest $1200 on that mentorship thingamabob of mine.

Some people tell me that I should sell one-off reviews, but that wouldn’t get you the stellar experience that actually transforms your business.

You could argue that I should lower my rates, but I don’t actually earn all that much on the reviews: $1200 gets you 12 of them, each of which takes me 1,5 to 2 hours to write, on average. Calculate another hour
per review for emailing back and forth, and you see that mentorship is not the thing that will get me a yacht any time soon.

Besides: I did actually spend 20 years to learn what I know, and I did also go through $150 K cutting my teeth on running a tailoring business and spending more time studying marketing than I was doing stitching. I may not have a degree or an impressive resume – you don’t get that on the streets.

But you do get one hell of an education.

So yeah… it’s not that I’m expensive – my stuff is worth it

But that was a problem, because I would often get people writing in ‘would love to work with you but can’t afford it’

And that sucks, because I know I can help people. And I want to.

But so far I only had services on offer: copywriting, consulting, mentorship – and the problem with those is that they don’t scale.

The only way to earn more would be to raise my prices over and over again.

That would be a great marketing move – what’s unavailable is more desirable – but I would be helping fewer people instead of more.

I needed a product.

Something that could scale, that I could make once and sell as and when people want to buy.

And obviously, something that would teach you, at a more accessible price, how you can implement those things I learned in the last 20 years.

I considered an ebook but the idea didn’t really jump my spark.

For a while I wanted to start a membership site, but that’s something I’d rather doing partnering with someone else.

I thought about starting paid mastermind programs, but I only know one person I would do it with, and he’s mostly breastfeeding these days, or whatever it is young fathers do.

Should I start a newsletter? Like, a proper, paid subscription, hard-teaching series?

That seemed like fun – but how, about what?

And then it hit me, out of the blue.

LEAP Marketing Systems

A brand new, print-only newsletter, written fresh every month by yours truly.

16 pages of dense teaching in marketing, sales, and being a successful entrepreneur.

None of the wishy-washy, happy-go-lucky soft teaching you see in my daily emails.

The LEAP Newsletter is rife with lessons, actionable tips, and the insider secrets that help you turn your talents and skills into a business. REAL teaching.

What does LEAP mean?


Simple. Effective. All-encompassing. Sales-getting and business-building

I’ll show you how you can use those four steps to make marketing and sales an easy, no-pain part of running your business.

And, how you can derive any strategy, target any market, sell any product or service and charge any price you like, if you base your efforts on the LEAP system.

Here’s why it’s worth the $79 per month: In my daily emails, I tell you, for free, what to do to run a better business.

The LEAP newsletter shows you how to do it.

Me, I’m excited. I know this is going to help many people raise the bar in their business.

I don’t have a link because the salespage isn’t ready, but I’ve been putting off telling you for too long so I just had to.

More info tomorrow.



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