Does My Website Suck? (These Are Some Things an Artist Website NEEDS)

A reader tells me that according to his Google Analytics, his bounce rate is 97%.

Which in normal-people-speak means that only 3% of the visitors to his site stay around, while the rest disappear right away.

There can be many reasons for that, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be because of your site.

For one thing, consider where people come from.

An online search? Through forums? By typing your URL into their browser? Via social media?

All those sources bring people with their own intent and mission. And when it’s search, the keywords they use also determine why they clicked on to visit.

Important to measure and consider, which is why you definitely need to have analytics installed.

But, it could just be that there’s something missing on your site.

So here are just a few of the basic things your artist website must have if it’s going to engage people and have them stay and read you or look at your work:

1: A well-written About page (which means talk for them, instead of about yourself. Not easy, but it can be done.)

2: A good photo of yourself. One where your face and eyes are visible, and a smile sure doesn’t hurt either.

3: A tagline: your mini-artists statement, to be visible right underneath your name or brand name.

4: Analytics. Google has a complete but fairly unwieldy suite, so if you want something that’s easier to navigate, you can consider

5: Optin forms in the right places: Top right in the sidebar, and under your About copy for starters.

6: Optional: a popup or at the very least a slide-in (those are the boxes that appear from the side once a visitor has scrolled down the page). The function of these is to invite people to subscribe to your list.

7: An optin incentive. In other words, something you give away for free, to entice people to join your list. Can be a free PDF of a painting, or a story you wrote, a set of downloadable and printable postcards – something simple that costs you little or nothing and has clear value for the visitor.

Bonus tip: if you go to, you can download and install a free WordPress plugin that gives you several free tools.

Popup, slide-in, social media buttons, and very useful: heatmaps, which show you where people click (or don’t click) on your site.

Obviously, this is just a shortlist. A well-working site needs a lot of bits and pieces, but these are some of the things you can’t do without.

Any one of these missing on your site?

Well now you know what to do.


And if you want me to give you a full 2-page report that details exactly what to fix and where, check out how it works right here –>



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