Do You Have Any Idea How Important You Are?

To me? You’re the world.

Without you, I wouldn’t have any reason to do this work.

Without people who create art, in whatever way, I’d still be stuck writing sales copy for people selling e-books about dog training and whatnot.

“Hey Martin, we’re developing the ultimate Facebook killer! Can you write copy for us?”

Sigh. Very glad those days are over.

If it weren’t for you, the person whose mission it is to make a dent in the universe with the creations that you feel matter, I’d have nothing.

No audience, no readership, no business.

It’s by virtue of you giving me permission to send you daily updates that I have a reason to vigorously rub my hands together each morning, while firing up my brain with the question:

“What can I possibly say that just may shine a light in their day?”

You are important, you matter a lot.

You are my sine qua non.

And I thank for for reading me.



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Your mind will change, as will your business; your readers will thank you, and yes, they’ll buy from you.

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