Do You Even Own Your Business?

No but seriously: who actually owns your business?

I know that it’s all very convenient, what with social media and websites that sell your work for you.

But if that’s what your business is built on, you actually don’t really own it.

If you build on rented land, the owner of the land can simply change the rules, and then you’re left with the problem.

For example: last year, Facebook made some changes to their algorithm, and it caused massive losses for all kinds of companies.

Used to be that anyone following you sees anything you post, but no more.

These days, Facebook filters the content, and decides what gets shown to whom.

So all the people who used to rely on visibility through Facebook had to scramble and figure out new ways to get seen.

In many cases, that meant paying for Facebook ads.

You don’t own your Facebook audience: Facebook does.

Same thing if all your selling is through galleries:

They own the list and most likely won’t share it with you.

Which means they own your core business asset: the list of buyers and potential buyers.

All your sales through Artfinder or FineArtAmerica?

Careful, because whatever change they make will have consequences for you.

No, it’s much better to own the land you build on.

Meaning, create your own platform, your own community, your own fans, and your own buyers.

By way of your own list.

Sure you can use other avenues and platforms as well, and it’s probably a good idea.

But the one thing nobody can take away, no matter what rules change outside of your control, is your list.

In other words: your list is your business.

I say, go build one.

In case you’re hip to the importance of a list, but your website traffic isn’t signing up very much, I’ll create a custom report for you.

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