Do What You Say, or They Walk Away. (Good Thing I'm Not a Poet)

Sometimes, big boys make big mistakes.

Today I received an email from WhichTestWon (interesting site, btw – I can recommend it if you’re into testing).

Which by the way, is something I recommend to all my clients. Test, test always be testing. Test early, test often.

Anyway, onwards: the email promised me a free download which looked interesting: Touted as a brand new 20 page whitepaper, I decided to click and get it.

I was taken to a site (not the WhichTestWon website) and landed on a squeeze page.

The call to action was: Fill out the form, receive the white paper by email.

Proceed to fill out form, click, page reloads…

Next I’m shown a generic thank you page, which simply says: ‘Thanks for joining our list.’

Nothing about my free download

So I check my inbox, and there is a thank you email, containing some fluff: Thanks for joining our community, we won’t spam you, you can unsubscribe at the bottom, yada yada.

Again, nothing about my download.

That was this morning, and it’s now the end of the day.

Still no white paper. That’s just weird.

This is of course a small deal to me. I’m about to unsubscribe, and that will be the end of it.

But for the company, it’s a major deal – though I’m not sure they are aware of it.

With me, they just lost one potential customer.

And just like me, many people will have joined, and then removed themselves from the list.

All people who will be unlikely to trust again.

All people who have suddenly become incredibly unlikely to ever buy from that secondary website’s company.

Because get this: The amount of trust your prospect loses with small mistakes like these is huge

Do what you say you will, because if you don’t, they’re gone and won’t be back.

Rationally of course, I know that most likely, someone simply didn’t configure things properly, and the mistake was overlooked.

But here’s the thing: Humans react from their lizard-brain; that ancient and instinctive part of our mind that reacts faster than lightning and exists to protect us.

So even if I know it was just a human error, I still feel less trust

I even have lost a bit of trust for WhichTestWon, because they sent me there. Even if I know that this is completely irrational.

So I’ve just unsubscribed, and when asked why, I told them ‘I was promised a white paper but I didn’t get it.’

Just a bit of fun for myself, see if anyone is awake there and will reply.

It’s a pity though, when people make mistakes like these, because it costs so much goodwill and trust.

Put four or five mistakes like these together, and you can easily kill a business.

Which is something I always watch for, and include in a small report when people hire me for copywriting.

Because it would be silly to sell great copy while some part of your business or customer funnel nukes the effect of said copy.

Gotta look out for my customers, right? I think so.

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