DO This to Grow Your Art Business. Seriously

art-list-optinI’m spending a few days in a town called Competa, about an hour from where I live.

It’s FULL of artists, absolutely rife – and the reason I’m here is that there’s a four-day art walk event, with 18 artists showing their work, some of them ‘in the act’.

Tomorrow for example, I’m watching a sculptor demonstrate raku firing, in a kiln made of an oil barrel.

You know, fun stuff for an art lover like myself.

The art walk opened today, and last night I joined the participating artists on a tour around the 18 different venues.

Aside from now having the thighs of a professional athlete (apparently there’s no single horizontal street in Competa – it’s all built of slopes and staircases),

I noticed a few interesting things.

One of them being prices.

Nearly every artwork that I saw was priced far too low.

But confidence sells, people.

And showing that you value your work, and have the confidence to put a decent or even high price on your work – that really does help to make your work more desirable.

Like it or not, believe it or not – low prices simply won’t trigger the same ‘Oooh, wow!’ effect in people that high prices do.

Besides, selling art isn’t easy – and personally, I’d rather not sell an expensive piece that not sell a cheap peace.

Another thing I noticed – and this is probably even more important than the pricing issue:

Hardly anyone even thinks about building their list.

That picture up there?

That’s on the table of one artist who knows what she’s doing.

(She would, because I’m coaching her).

And list building really can be that simple – you don’t need fancy gimmicks.

All it takes to build a list of interested potential buyers is having a conversation, and inviting people to sign up.

On your website or at your booth, makes no difference.

It pains me to see an artist at a show, with 100’s of people walking by, and nothing in place to stay connected with them.

So take it from me: you must build a list.

It’s the one business asset that nobody can take from you – no gallery dropping your or online platform changing their rules will hurt you if your list is big enough.

And any time people find you, all you need to do is converse (online or offline) and invite people to sign up.

And believe me, they will if you do it right.

I walked in two hours after the event started this morning, and Karin already had 8 or 10 people signed up.

That’s how easy it can be.

Anyway, I’m diving back into the art walk.

Time to have some more conversations.

Want to have a conversation about how to really grow your art business?

Let me know…



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