Do Not Do This (Unless You Want to Radically Improve Your Business Results)

People have sent me thank you notes.



Help, support and advice.

I’ve received confessions of things that you would barely tell a close friend, much less some dude with a big ego on the other side of the planet.

People have trusted me with their money and their business results.

They’ve confided in me and allowed me to reach into their minds so as to help them get out of dysfunctional mindsets.

And I’m grateful for it all. Very grateful.

But I’m not proud.

Because those results are not something I can take credit for.

If good things happen to me, it’s not because anything about me is special.

There’s only one thing that gets the credit: consistency.

Some time 1,5 years ago, I started writing a daily email, and I’ve stuck with that.

Bar a few random days where I didn’t send, I’ve written and sent an email at least 5 times a week.

And that is the one and only thing that brought me these results.

Meaning: friends, fans, supporters, and yes: sales.

The other stuff – my studying ongoingly, understanding of psychology, my good nature – those are only circumstantial in the context of showing up every single day.

Because even if I were the smartest cookie on the internet (which I’m not), it would have gotten me diddly-squat if I hadn’t put myself out there.

So if you want your 2015 to be better than your 2014, I recommend – nay, implore you to – develop a writing habit, and start mailing your list.

It works for me, it works for my customers, and if you try it yourself it will very likely work for you as well.
30 minutes a day is all it takes.

And in case you’re wondering?

You’re good enough.

There’s folks who would love to hear from you.

I say talk to them. Every day.

You can help others, and yourself, if you simply take the time to show up.

And if you want me to show you how, then here’s where you get me holding your hand for the next three months –>



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