Discover This: The Secret to Being a Full-Time, Non-Starving Artist

Yesterday I was listening to a talk by the exceedingly clever Ann Rea.

Definitely someone you want to pay attention to, because if there’s anyone who knows the secrets to marketing and selling art, it’s her.

She said something that rang so true, I had to share it with you.

Even if it’s absolute common sense:

“The secret to becoming a full-time artist is to treat your art as a business”.

Quite right.

If you can’t adopt that attitude, you’ll always find it difficult – if not downright impossible – to sell your work at the kind of price it’s worth.

Let alone make a living out of it.

Be a professional.

Not just in making your art, but also in how you think about yourself in relation to your potential buyers, all the people who haven’t found you yet.

A business builds plans and strategies to find those people, or to be found by them.

And you can do that too.

In the words of one of my readers, the other day: “I want to make art, therefore I have to sell”.

Yes indeed.

Another thing that a businesses do: They invest.

Which you can do too, right here –>

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When you’re stuck, when you have questions, when you want a quick review of a new page on your site: you send me an email and I reply.

Because it’s important to know that you don’t have to go it alone.

Are you serious enough about your art to treat it as a business?


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