Why We’re All Destined to Coddiwomple Forever

I’m a stickler for archaic words, and today I bring you a new one I discovered, courtesy of one of the Cabal members who posted it in our private FB group.

And it’s not just a cute word gone out of fashion: there’s an important lesson hidden in it.

I present you:

Coddiwomple (v):

To travel purposefully to an as-yet unknown destination

Here’s why I like it so much:

Every destination is fundamentally unknown.

Sure you might decide to travel to Paris, but you don’t know in detail what Paris will be like when you get there.

It might rain, there might be traffic jams, or you could end up running into a friend from your hometown. And if you run into a stomach bug, your Paris experience will be totally different from what you had imagined.

All you can ever know for sure are the generalities.

What the actual experience of the destination is… no way to predict.

Same thing with more abstract destinations: Sure you might plan to ‘reach x annual income’ or ‘build a company and hire staff’ or ‘become lean and fit’.

But I guarantee that as soon as you reach that goal, it’ll be different than you had expected.

Which gives us the first part of the lesson: don’t be attached to the outcome.

However things turn out is the way it ought to be, and if it’s not perfect, well hey: then you get to set another goal or destination, and travel purposefully to that.

And that brings us to the second, more important lesson:

You can’t ever arrive at a final destination – not really.

Because once you reach one, you either resign to the new status quo, or you get to choose a new, next destination – and when you reach that one you get to have the same choice.

To me, this is exactly what makes life and business-building and learning myself and learning people so fascinating.

No matter how much a learn or build or create: there’s never and end to it!

I’ll never know everything there is to know!

I’ll never reach my full potential because there’s ALWAYS another level I can aspire to!

That’s one of the blessings of life: as long as you have one, growth never ends (unless you put a cap on growth, and who would want to do that?)

So my friends: coddiwomple on, and enjoy the ride.

Ohey, and if you want me to keep you company as you travel towards your as-yet unknown goal, let me know.



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