Date is Set – How to Build a Healthy Art Business!

The holidays are over, family has returned home, turkeys have been eaten, and the new year is rolling along nicely.

You have your goals set, your plans mapped out, your New Year’s resolutions in a drawer somewhere in the back of your mind…

… and as you look at your studio and your bank account, you wonder how you’re going to make the former grow the latter.

Your paintings or sculptures or books or songs… you KNOW there are people who want to buy them.

You’ve sold before, you’ve received kudos and compliments, and you know that this year, you ought to be able sell more and earn more.

But frankly, when you look at your income goal for this year, your eyes blur and overwhelm sets in.

Oh sure, you know about specific tactics that would work – shows, social media, conversations and galleries.

You are aware of the strategies that brought others the success you aspire to.

You have a network, you’re willing to put in the hours, you certainly don’t mind learning.

But where do you start?

How does it all together?

What should you spend your time on?

Where do you focus first?

Where do you find your ideal buyers?

What do you say to them?

What’s the 20% of effort that will bring you 80% of your results?


Frustrated, you close your laptop and trudge back to your studio.

At the end of the day, you’re happy with the work you’ve done, but there’s a nagging feeling that you’ve skipped over something vital.

As your kids shoot peas at each other and your husband talks about his day at work, your food gets cold while you’re busy pushing away the notion that if you only work in your business but not on your business, you won’t reach the goals you have set.

How do I know this so well?

Been there, done that.

Minus the kids and the husband, that is.

But, here come the cavalry.

Lieuwke Loth (owner of Luz de La Vida Gallery) and yours truly have finally settled on a date for my Art Marketing Masterclass.

We had planned it for December 19th, but everyone who wanted to come was either abroad, drunk, both, or had previous engagements.

But now, there are no more excuses.

The date is set, and the seminar will take place. Huzzah!

3 hours of hard teaching on pricing, publicity, sales, psychology, communication – everything that I’ve learned over the last 20 years, condensed into a 3 hour masterclass.


Out the window.

Learn how to build a healthy art business, so that you may prosper.

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