Damn the Torpedoes. Full Steam Ahead!

So far, I’ve only told three or four people what my upcoming book will be about.

No public mention, no drumming up attention…

Because: “What if someone ‘steals’ the (very cool) title?’

What if someone with a bigger audience and a bigger marketing budget picks it up and creates a course or brand around it, before my book gets published?

So I asked my publisher, Maurice Bassett, his thoughts.

In a nutshell, his answer was: Damn the torpedoes. Full steam ahead.

And yeah, he’s right.

For one thing, I should eat my own dogfood: when a client tells me they need to copyright something, my answer is always: “Do you? I think you need everyone in the world to know that you created this. Your audience will protect you from copycats”.

Also: these days you need a lot of publicity before a book comes out.

Because it’s a crowded marketplace, and now that the internet has emancipated us, and given us the chance to self-publish, there’s a slew of books published every day.

And some of them sell really well, even though the content and quality aren’t all that great.

Hey ho, three cheers for marketing.

So if my book is to do well, and change lives the way I intend it to, I need to start spreading the word.

And I start today.

If all goes well, this summer Maurice will publish:

“The Prosperous Artist – The creative professional’s guide to allowing money into your life”.

And boy does it make me nervous to tell you about it.

Sh*t’s about to get real.

But yes. Damn the torpedoes, and full steam ahead.

So today’s lesson is this:

The thing that scares you and makes you nervous – it’s very likely exactly the thing you need to do.

What’s your scary thing, the one you want but your fear is stopping you?



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