Coming Soon to an Internet Near You: Stellar Podcast

Just a short one for you today: After much deliberation, encouragement, and wondering if my accent isn’t too weird for the internet at large, I’ve decided to start a podcast.

The first episode should be live in the next two or three weeks, up on Stitcher and iTunes.

As you’ve come to expect of me, it’ll be filled with marketing gold, smart tips, counter-intuitive strategies, and that special flavour of weirdness I so carefully cultivate.

Oh I don’t know – you know by now that I don’t plan ahead too much, so really I don’t know what it’ll be like.

The first few episodes, I think, will be recordings of free consulting calls.

That should help you – I do hope you’ll tune in – with live problem-solving tips to improve your marketing and sales.

I’ll probably also do Q&A calls, and of course I’ll be trying to get interesting people on for interviews.

In short: Get more Stellar than ever, except in full stereo audio, rude/cheesy jokes at no extra charge.

It’ll be free, it’ll be fun, it’ll be weekly.

It’ll be something you don’t want to miss.

I’ll keep you updated as to when the first episode goes live.

Meanwhile: drop me a line if you have topics or questions you’d like me to treat.



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