Coming Down With a Nasty Case of the 'Why-bothers'

Ever had that feeling that it’s just no use, that pushing through won’t work?

That no matter what you do, you’re just not going to be able to realise your dream?

Congratulations: you’re a human being.

I received an email from a reader yesterday, who missed the deadline she had set for launching her website and art business.

Tells me that between procrastination, life events and that feeling that it’s pointless, she had let things slide.

Now, I ain’t no psychomologist, but I can tell you this:

That right there is called resistance, and guess what:

We all deal with it.

Yours Stellar included.

Oh don’t act so surprised: you didn’t really think I’m perfect, did you?

Thing is, I’ve discovered that what they say in the movies is true.

Resistance is futile.

No matter how long you put it off, and how clever the excuses we make for ourselves, our dreams and wishes aren’t ever going to go away.

Sure we can put them to sleep, and pretend that life has taken a different course, and well – that’s just life, isn’t it?

Yep. Except it’ll come back to you over and over again.

That what you would really like to do – be it writing a novel cough, or travelling the world, or becoming a prolifically selling artist…

It’ll haunt you in your dreams

You’ll feel the pang when you see others do it.

And if you’re not careful, you’ll end up living a life marred by the regret that you didn’t do that one thing that you know you had in you.

So what’s holding you back?

Whence stems your resistance?

Let me guess: confidence has something to do with it?

Funny, that. I just read a quote yesterday:

“Confidence is not a requirement for taking action. Confidence is the result of taking action”.

And that I agree with completely.

It wasn’t until I had climbed up a rock wall that I realised: “Dude, I can climb”.

Not until I started writing daily emails did I understand that actually, I can help people.

That I have things to teach, things that demonstrably help people.

That actually, I’m a good mentor, and a powerful coach.

Not that I mean to get self-promotional here (maybe just a little).

I’m saying this to show you that when you manage to get over your resistance, and you simply start taking little steps, your confidence will grow bit by bit.

It’s unavoidable, just like an egg in hot water has no other choice but to solidify.

Don’t know how I came up with that metaphor, but hey.

Anyway, remember that yes, you should bother.

A little every day.

A step at a time.

See that foot?

Lift it, move it forward, put it down.

Now the other one.

Awesome. Keep going.

And here’s where you can sign up to get my help: not only do you get a weekly review of your emails, but you also get me coaching you into moving forward.

Stick with th program, and you’ll be mightily unstoppable.

Here’s the first step: →



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