Client About to Drive off a Cliff – Again

I thought this might be useful for you. It’s an email I sent to a client last night.

I’ve mentioned him before: he’s getting ready to launch his business, and still has a few big problems on his site.

Notably, his landing pages are broken: the copy is good (obviously – I wrote it – don’t ever let anyone accuse me of modesty).

But the design and layout is a mess. The pages won’t convert. So I offered him a report+wireframes, and since he’s a client who keeps sending me jobs, I offered this at a stupid discount.

 He declined, saying his web development team will fix the problems.

 I’m fine with that, but…




Saw your message on Skype, thanks for that. I’m about to sign out for the night but wanted to tell you this before I go.

I’m happy for you to have your team fix the conversion, no problem at all.

In fact, at the rate I quoted it’s really more to save you from disaster than to earn a buck, as the two docs would take over a day to create.

But that’s the thing: However you do it, get that conversion fixed. Don’t launch until you do.

If you allow your landing page to be your weakest link, you’ll have big trouble, because those pages are the very pivot of your business.

That page, when they give you their action and their details, that’s when they go from ‘visitor’ to ‘yours’.

That’s where the fun starts.

So I really hope those guys are utter cracks at psychology, sales and messaging, as well as designers and coders. Because otherwise…

Which brings me to a harsh point: I support you forever, but if my copy gets launched in an environment that works against it, all warranty is voided.

That is to say: As long as I agree with things such as strategy, design, placement, traffic, SEO – as long as I don’t see anything obviously broken – my copy comes with guarantee.

To wit: If people don’t convert, it could be the copy that’s the problem. So you call me and I fix it, after checking that everything else was not the problem.

But only if the landing pages are actually set up to convert. Otherwise I’m fixing something that wasn’t broken in the first place.

So, make sure these guys get it very very right – alright?





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