Chicken or Egg – Write Emails or Build List?

Got a nice reply to my yesterday’s email:

“I have one [a list], but it’s got one person on it: me. Should I start emailing myself, just to develop the practice?
I am very much stuck in the “busy making a living” cycle, except I’m too busy and not making enough of a living. Lots of “plans” to “fix” this, but only the most preliminary of steps have been taken toward the actual fixing. Everyone tells me I need to offer a freebie to get people to download. Bogus? I see no other reason for someone to subscribe to me, though.”

You might be surprised, but I hear that a lot.

So this is what I replied:

“Yep, start writing, even if you don’t have anyone reading. Better that, than to have traffic but no experience writing this kind of stuff, or indeed a body of work to show, once you do start getting traffic.

For list building, have a look at Kim Roach’s work at to get some good ideas for traffic. Then make a landing page, explain why your daily updates are fun and useful, ask for a signup.  A freebie is very useful, start making one now. The notion ‘why else would they sign up’ is not useful, that’s just because you’ve not yet had the extended practice and experience of writing, or the reactions it will get you once you start.

Don’t wait building your list until you have a freebie though, that would just be procrastination.

So, write :) Get that into your system, and all the other aspects will get taken care of as and when appropriate.



Nuff said, methinks.

Not sure you know how to write those emails and write them well? Lemme help you with that –>

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