Change of Direction + Difficult Questions

Once, the Rabbi Akiva was on his way home with supplies from the village.

Lost in thought, he took a wrong turn on the way, until suddenly a voice sounded:

“Who are you and why are you here?”

Shaken, he looked up an realised he had wondered into the Roman garrison.

It was the guard who had accosted him.

Without missing a beat he countered with a question:

“How much do you get paid to stand here and ask that question of people?

The guard named an amount, to which Akiva replied:

“I’ll pay you double that for you to stand in front of my house and ask me that every morning when I leave”.

Who are you, and why are you here?

Do you know?

I sure don’t.

But I love the question.

So far, the only answers I have are tentative at best.

But I do believe it’s important to ask ourselves this.

Just like the question: Who are you for?

Who’s your ideal buyer, who do you really want to reach and change?

See, I feel that I should bring a bit more of my life-experience into my work, where it comes to consciousness and perception.

I’ve only ever written about those things in a sideways manner, if you will.

Always in the context of mindset and progress and growth.

Which I feel is a bit incomplete: after all, I did spend 12 years in a monastery and it gave me a lot. Changed me.

Not that it made me believe in God – in our monastery, it was all about psychology.

So I’m not going to get preachy at you – not now or ever.

The rule ‘no politics and no religion in this space’ stays.

But you will see me write more about, let’s say, higher aspects of being alive.

Because if there’s one thing I hold true, it’s that we’re not just biological robots in a meaningless universe.

Is there a purpose to life?

Who knows.

But there is a purpose in YOUR life, and I think it’s important that you ask yourself what that purpose is.

For one thing, because when you start to discover your purpose, it’ll become easier to align your choices and your actions, and reaching your goals will become more effortless and more fun.

And fun, well that’s just something that belongs in life.

Take it from an ex-monk.

Anyway, must dash.

Lots of work needs doing before I can launch my book.

Meanwhile, I have a few spots this month for doing site optimisation reviews.

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