Now That's What I Call a Smart Client. Can't Go Wrong


The other day I told you about the killer comma – how small changes to your copy can render it completely ineffective.

One comma can break a page.

So I was thoroughly pleased when I received this email from a client the other day:

Hi Martin,

I have changed our strategy for the end of the facebook challenge.

Attached, please find a revised manuscript of your original post challenge copy.

Please read and see if there are any edits or enhancements that can be made.

IF you could provide feedback by Monday, I would really appreciate it.All of your copy is going to be put in place soon…I am looking forward to seeing how it performs!



Don’t you just love it? That’s how to do it.

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Never Serve Noir a Cold Beer

The waiter walked by unawares, when Noir’s hand suddenly snapped out at him, locking his bicep in Noir’s vice-like fist.

“Why” Noir said grimly, “is this beer not cold?”

The boy began “It’s probably because…”

Noir cut him short: “That’s a rhetorical question. Google it.

And bring me a cold one.

Thanks, kid.”


There are two kinds of customers: The first is like Martin Noir, the other one is like me.

And though Noir isn’t necessarily a fun kind of client to displease, you’d rather have him than me.

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Marketing and Communication 101: One page, One message.

Marketing is communication before anything else.

Communication happens in different ways, for different reasons.

The end result is a sale, and before that there’s getting known, liked and trusted.

Building up those emotions in your reader or prospect is a gradual process.

The single best way to hamper the growth of all those good and positive feelings?


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How to Dramatically Increase Your Email Response Rate – Right NOW



Just ask.

That simple.


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Hype copy: Even More Devastating Than You Might Think

Yesterday I told you about hype copy, and what a filthy beast it is.

But hype copy (or aggressive marketing strategies in general) have a dark side beyond a lack of ethics.

See, if you sell based on hype and scare-tactics, you attract the wrong kind of customers.

When you use hype you prey on the weak.

That’s dirty, but it also means that you’ll get buyers who buy only because they are scared.

After all, hype is a mix of overblown claims (eww) and frantically pushing pinpoints (scaring people).

If you generate a sale with that, you may have closed, but you’ll also have a problem.

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Hype Copy? EWWW. What Kind of Girl Do You Think I Am?

Every now and then I get asked to write hard-hitting, high-persuasion copy.

And then they say: “Kind of similar to this one”.

When I click the provided link, I see a page that sells based only on hype.

Headlines that shout at me, overblown claims, hyperbole in every paragraph.


Obviously, that’s when I decline to take the job

No hype copy here. I’m just not that kind of girl.

See, there is nothing wrong with being persuasive.

Not if you really solve a problem.

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One of Your Friends Needs Help. Please Do Them a Favour

I need your help, but not for myself. This isn’t for my benefit.

I’m asking you to do someone a favour, because I’m pretty sure you know people who could use a leg-up.

Like my buddy Adam, who’s working hard to build a cleaning company with his wife Eve.

So, without him asking for it, I decided to write bit of testimonial for him.

Have you seen this friend in your neighbourhood?

Of course you have. You also know people who can use some help.

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How to Use Marketing to Get Liked More, Instead of Pissing People Off. Or Having Them Call the Police



Saw a great example just now of some of the worst, most ineffective and piss-off marketing you can imagine.

And another example of doing marketing very right, which makes a great illustration of why I write these daily emails.

Here goes.

We get a lot of peddlers here in the South of Spain.

The beaches are swarming with young guys from Africa, selling trinkets and tribal statuettes from their home country.

And each day, someone drives his van through town, hawking his wares

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The Return of the Killer Comma, or: How to Destroy the Expensive Salescopy You Just Bought

I’m proud of my work, but I’m not precious about it.

I’m happy to work with client feedback.

The interchange is often very useful – it helps me create better copy.

It’s a little bit more delicate when a client starts to edit the copy on their own, but I’m not against it.

But sometimes, things go wrong

When a project is finished, and we’ve signed off on the copy, the best thing is to leave it good and well alone.

Again: not because I’m precious about my copy or because it would hurt my professional pride.

No, it’s because edits after the fact can render a good page completely ineffective.

Even very small tweaks, the kind you think won’t make that much of a difference.

They do make a difference.

Big difference too.

Can kill your copy right dead.

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I Can't Help Myself – You Gotta See This

Most copywriters are more than happy to write a page for you and get paid for it.

Problem is, a page of copy is only part of the equation. There’s a lot that goes into the mix: SEO, strategy, funnels, traffic, followup, offer and price – that sort of thing.

That’s why I think – arrogantly, perhaps – that I’m not a bad choice if you want to grow your business, because I happen to be kind of good at that stuff.

As evidenced by the following testimonial that I received yesterday:

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