Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

He Said: "User Experience, Schmoozer Experience" – and It Went Downhill From There

My first ever client years ago was a pretty nice guy, and he seemed pretty smart. At first.

He had built his own language learning system, and it was actually quite good.

WAY better than either Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur.

But his site, which served the learning system to his clients, was crap.

It wasn’t pretty, the navigation lacked logic, and tracking your progress was a bloody hassle.

At some point on a Skype call, I told him that since sales were up a bit, fixing the site would be a great investment.


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Ghastly Rancid Calamares and Doing it Right Anyway

Before I have my laptop out, Jose is by my side, ready to take my order.

“A beer and um… some deep-fried calamares please.”

He trundles off and returns promptly with a cold tall one.

I look at the winter-empty beach, take in the sea air, and draw my coat closer around me against the breeze.

Then I switch my screen to white-on-black so I can read in the sun, and I get to work.

A bit later he puts the calamares down, and I instantly see: I can’t eat that.

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On Focus, Efficiency, Learning and Art. Oh Yeah, and Smart Questions

Just had a Skype call with a subscriber, an artist/writer/translator in The Netherlands.

She’s a clever cookie.

But she’s also a fine example of that weird ‘sales are evil’ mindset.

And yet, over the last few months I’ve been observing her progress, and I must say she’s doing very interesting things.

She’s learning a lot about marketing, and she’s figuring out how to do it in her own way, without feeling sleazy.

Implementing lessons, putting her name out.

Even writing calls to action.

And, she’s getting in more clients for her translation business.

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Never Take Advice From These People

That client I mentioned yesterday, who decided to remove the copy and call to action from his landing page?

He told me that he had asked a number of people for feedback, and they said the new version of the page was clear enough.

The problem is: he asked the wrong people.

Here’s the deal.

We all need feedback – it’s important, healthy, necessary.

But it’s incredibly important to choose who you ask.

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BIG Words: Moral and Ethical Duties and Such…

There are people out there who need you.

Really need you.


So if you have something for sale that can truly solve problems, I consider it your moral and ethical duty to make that known to those people who have the problems you can solve.


You are able to help others?

Then dude and/or chica, get off your couch, and get yourself in front of others please, quick-smart. Seriously.

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Can I Slam You With a Claudio? Also: My Pet Caveman


Right, back to business.

Because if my friend Claudio would be able to speak right now, he’d scold me, and very harshly so.


“I have run this bar for 20 years, Martin.

20 years, and I’ve never, ever, had a day off.

I’m here each night.

Never a holiday.

Because if I don’t show up, people find a closed door and I wouldn’t even *have* a business.

And you, Martin, you close shop just because I’m in hospital?

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Why Being Cheeky Gets You More Sales

You know what works for getting sales?
Being cheeky.
I discovered this years ago when I was still a tailor, completely by accident.
Here’s what happened.
I was in a fancy hotel room. On the bed, my suitcase, fabric samples, button cards, measuring tape, pins needles, chalk.
Here was a traveling tailor, ready to take your order for a $4000 suit, sir.

But I wasn’t taking any orders. Nothing was coming in.
No calls, no emails.

This was the third hotel in my tour, and I was about to cancel the fourth hotel

Clearly, there was something wrong with my strategy.
My girlfriend asked: “Did you write a blog post today?”
I was in a a strange mood.
So I said ‘Oh screw it’, got to writing and started:

“You deserve one of my suits.
I mean it: they’re that good.”

Then I went on to explain why.
Finished, proofed, published.

Within  an hour there was an email from one of my subscribers:

“Martin, I’m a bank director in London, and I want a suit. When can you visit the City?”

Now, to write something so cheeky, you have to be brazen. A bit nuts helps, too.
But you don’t have to be as weird as me – it’s not about arrogance, shock effect or tooting your own horn.
The reason cheekiness works – if used well – is that it shows confidence.

And confidence sells.

I once replied to a famous internet marketer: “Cool email, I almost bought your product.”
His reply included: “That’s alright, I’ll hook you some time in the future.”
You’d think the arrogance would turn me away, but the opposite happened:
It gave me more respect for the guy. It showed me he truly believes in what he does.
And in the end I did become his client.

When you write emails, use confidence. Simply state what you do, what benefits it brings, and what price goes with that.

Don’t be shy, don’t marginalize yourself, and certainly don’t apologize for charging money

And yes, be bold, brazen, cheeky or unabashed. All of it, if that’s your style.

Sounds difficult?
It can be.
That’s why having a writing coach – or mentor – is such a fantastic way to become a better writer.
And that’s why the best decision you could make this year, would probably be to get some serious writing training.

It’s not cheap, it’s not easy, but it will make you a much better writer, real fast.
That is, provided you can handle detailed feedback.
And, only if you actually put it to use.

But if you do?
Then you’ll soon be running your own, successful email marketing campaigns.
And that means fans, high open rates, brand ambassadors – and yep, more sales. Mucho more sales, if you do it right.

There’s no smarter marketing than email marketing.
Let me show you how:

Have a great weekend,



Please Don't Make Me Think About Sex

Last week I turned down a very handsome gig.
A lady in the U.S., who runs a web shop with adult toys.
You know: vibrators, lotions, sexy underwear… that sort of thing.
She needed a whole bunch of copy strategic consulting

Her email was great: clearly a smart person, sympathetic and respectful – by all means the perfect client.
I looked at her site, and was pleasantly surprised.
It was stylish, tasteful and not crass in any way.

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