Can I Sleep on Your Sofa?

Oh do I have a trick up my sleeve…

Want to tell you about a client of mine, one who’s been making massive progress in his thinking and writing.

When we started working together, I recognised that he’s got a number of things in place (notably, the willingness to write daily) and he very early showed me that he was more than ready to learn what’s missing.

The result is that one of these days, this guy is going to make one hell of a leap, selling his paintings.

Which is ironic, because he’s not even signed up for the LEAP Newsletter yet. But hey.

The point is that he’s the most typical, just unbendably anti-sale artist you could imagine.

Or rather, he used to be, when he first came to me.

Since then, he’s gotten his head on straight, he’s put in the hours, he’s taken the lashings I dealt him, and he’s come to be ready to step out of his closet.

Not that he’ll have a choice, because in 5 weeks I’ll be flying to out to his town, in order to physically drag him out of said closet.

We’re going to spend a week together, doing some tough, in the field, make-some-waves guerrilla marketing.

It’s going to be a ton of fun.

It should also bring him sales, and lots, with a bit of luck.

Not necessarily because I’ll be there with him – that’s just to speed things up because at his own pace, he’ll be world-famous and sold out after he leaves behind his mortal coil. I can’t wait for that, and neither can he.

It’s not a typical thing for me to do – so far, I’ve only ever done this work online, with the exception of a few small local gigs.

I’ve never flown out to a client before, but because the guy worked so hard, he was able to make a big change, he really transformed from attic-painter into a professional.

Beautiful to witness, I’ll tell you that.

He’s great client material, too: He learns as much as he can – from me and from others.

He implements all the instructions – and he never protests, but instead asks ‘how does that work’ or ‘tell me more’.

He diligently, consistently, hones his writing chops.

He sheds dysfunctional attitudes and opinions, and replaces them with ones which are both profitable and in rhyme with his character and ethics.

In short, he got himself ready to leap.

But I’m just gonna throw him in off the deep end.

He won’t know what hit him, and neither will his local art scene, if I get to have a say. Which I do.

Ok, now that just sounds entirely too arrogant.

After all, we’re just two guys.

But two guys together, one with art and one with marketing smarts – and a mad drive to make some waves?

That’s going to amount to something, I’m pretty sure.

I just hope we don’t mix things up, and sell my art by using his marketing smarts. It wouldn’t be pretty.

Anyway, like I always say: Do the work, put in the hours.



Inspire yourself, allow yourself to be inspired.


You’re worth it.

You never know what will happen (no don’t worry, I won’t suddenly show up on your doorstep), but you will, without fail, in the end, always benefit from your efforts.

Where the dude got his smarts?

Interesting you should ask…

See, I’ve secretly been using him as a test subject for developing my LEAP approach. Over the last few months, I’ve been feeding him bits and pieces of info and strategy, and it’s those things that these days I stick into the LEAP Newsletter.

LEAP is a system, a method that builds up your attitude, your writing prowess, your people-skills and your sales.

It integrates your own skills with tried and tested methods to build relationships that turn into sales.

It works.

But, it’s only useful for people who understand that without investing (time, money or both) you won’t see many changes in your bottom line.

As investments go, it’s good value for money. I mean, it costs you less than a cup of coffee per day.

Though if you prefer to just read these free emails while drinking that coffee, that’s fine by me too.

But you’ll be missing out on stuff that’s taken me over a decade to learn, and that works rather well, if I may say so myself.

Anyway, if you want to grow your business, here’s where you get the manual to help you do it –> http:/



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