Can I Slam You With a Claudio? Also: My Pet Caveman


Right, back to business.

Because if my friend Claudio would be able to speak right now, he’d scold me, and very harshly so.


“I have run this bar for 20 years, Martin.

20 years, and I’ve never, ever, had a day off.

I’m here each night.

Never a holiday.

Because if I don’t show up, people find a closed door and I wouldn’t even *have* a business.

And you, Martin, you close shop just because I’m in hospital?

You don’t send your readers your daily mail&pitch – because of WHAT?

Get you back to work, giri! Before I kick you back!”


That’s one of the things I love about Claudio: he always knows how to put me in my place, even if his pedagogics are deplorable.


So that said: what about you?

Do you show up regularly, to talk to your audience?

Because just like Claudio, if you’re not open for business, you won’t have any business.

If you don’t *look* open for business, you effectively *are* not open for business.

And on the internet, that translates as: If you don’t talk to people regularly and consistently, you don’t get any sales.


Just like I didn’t get any sales yesterday, simply because I didn’t ask for any

This is one of the reasons daily (or weekly or bi-weekly) emails work so well: It shows people that you’re serious, committed, dedicated – not only to doing your work, but also to the running of your business in itself.

And that builds enormous trust.

When people see that you show up consistently, time and time again, they know that you’re there to stay.

And that’s the kind of person or company we like to do business with.


Just like Claudio: No matter what time of night – he’d be open. We knew that. And we gratefully gave him our business for it.


Or like Grog, my pet caveman: If he goes out to hunt, he just might have dinner that day. But if he stays in his cave picking fleas out of his fur, he won’t eat, that’s for sure.

You’re in business.

Show up.

Send emails.


Want to send really amazingly good, engaging and persuasive emails?

Let me show you how with my custom copy review reports, charmingly entitled Starship Mentorprise – Coaching at the speed of write.

It’s one of the fastest and surest ways to a bigger audience and more sales.

But it’s not cheap – just like a Rolls Royce isn’t cheap either, and for a good reason.

It’s also not easy – I’ll make you WORK.

If you come to me to become a better writer, I’ll MAKE you a better writer. And I can be a tough cookie.

But, always with smiles, and always with happier readers and more sales for you as a result.


And: extrafree megasuper bonus: Once you get the hang of writing regularly and confidently – it becomes SO MUCH FUN.

On top of getting you more sales…

Which is why I can honestly say: you want this.






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