Can I Have My Christmas Present Now Please?

Last week I had a strange and somewhat shocking experience which inspired a post. I accidentally asked Erika Napolitana if she would be interested in running it and quite surprisingly (or not) she accepted, so it now lives here.

The short story: people hurt, people break, people struggle and life can be really tough.


We all, no matter how poor we are, can give. In the spirit of Christmas and with the hope that you will all carry this into the new year and beyond:

All I Want for Christmas

I want you to give. Daily. Repeatedly. I don’t care what or to whom. I’m not asking for my own benefit – don’t give to me: give to anyone you meet. All the time. You don’t have to spend a dime either. Look:

A hug
A smile
A cup of coffee to the guy next in line
A book you cherish
Some time that you’d rather spend on something else
Biting your tongue for a change
Speaking your mind for a change
Not being so bloody stubborn for a change
Standing your ground for a change
If you want to give some money to someone or some cause, give it
Lots of forgiveness
Love, of course (What, are you dumb? Of course love)

When you’re done, please retweet and facebook and share the message in any way you can think. Send it to Obama, print it out and stick it on your front door, or read it at your next church meeting. I don’t care.

Please help me get this seen.

Thank you.

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