Can Fiction Be Made Reality?

I’m not about to get esoteric on you.

But there’s something I keep observing, and I need you to consider it.

Learn it.

Internalise and use it.

Have you ever noticed how science fiction turns into science?

Some examples: Dick Tracy’s communicator wristwatch?

We now have the Apple watch.

The hoverboard from Back to the Future?

That exists in a basic form. Still needs a special floor, but they’ll find a way to make it work on all surfaces before long.

The portable, all-knowing Hitchhiker’s Guide: In your pocket, courtesy of a smartphone, Wikipedia and Google.

The health scanner from Star Trek?

A regular smartphone can now sniff out cancer with a special app and a little add-on device.

These days, we have flying cars and scientists sending data back in time.

I saw a Ted talk where a guy hooked up some simple equipment to two people, and it allowed one person to control and move the arm of the other person, remotely.

Last week, people successfully tested a drive that warps space around a spaceship, which suggests that faster than light travel might become a reality.
I find it fascinating to see this happen over and over again.

One day a guy writes about harvesting energy from wind, or waves, and some time later it becomes real.

Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea – impossibly fantastical when it was published, but a common reality these days to jump into a steel cigar and go discover Titanic.

Space travel was a dream once, but it no longer is.

Icarus wanted to fly and never made it, but now you can see guys jump out of a plane in a wingsuit on Youtube.

Oh, and airplanes of course: the scorn that befell the Wright Brothers was huge, but yourself you may have flown this year.
My point with this is as follows:

There is far – FAR! – more possible than we think.

Physics proves time and time again to be bigger, more mysterious and more rife with possibilities than what the mind can invent.

Edison wanted to do away with gas light, and after many hundreds of experiments he built a lighbulb.

The reason I want this to become part of your mindset is that if you want to become a successful artist, you have to accept that it’s possible.

You have to believe it, and believe in it.

And next you need to put in the action, take the steps, and relentless, ceaselessly and work on taking the steps that bring you closer, bit by bit.

I’m not talking about miracles: physics prove that there’s quite lot that’s possible.

Psychology gives you the tools and the mindset to make it possible.

And committed action, repeated failure and the grit of a pitbull make it a reality.

Want to predict the future?

Then go create it.
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Fly baby, fly.


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