Business, but Not as Usual

Hey, how are you doing there… not ill, I hope… not stressed or anxious or worried too much?

That said, business worldwide is being affected, and every one of us will need to think on our feet, if we’re going to keep our venture running.

It’s fun when pundits and startups talk about disruptive industries, but right now we’re dealing with industrial disruption, and that ain’t no fun.

What used to work last week, isn’t working the same today, and that means we need to adjust, adapt, pivot.

Luckily, the internet is a massive enabler, but it’s on us to find a way to leverage its potential.

Whether your revenue is at risk because you can’t visit your clients and deliver, or because supply chains and delivery of product can get delayed, or your remote clients aren’t buying your service offer because of spending freezes: if you’re going to keep going, you’ll need to adjust.

Here’s one thing that practically everyone can do:

Sell your genius.

Meaning: there’s something you do, based on your experience and skills and uniqueness, that nobody can do quite the way you do it.

That ‘genius’ is your IP – your intellectual property.

And if right now you’re stuck at home with no appointments in your calendar and uncertainty about how long your buying cycles will be, you could do worse than to extract that IP, turn it into a digital offer, and see if it would be useful to your audience.

Right now, I’m creating a system that will do exactly that, because a) I too need to pivot, and b) because there’s droves of people who are stuck, whose business is taking a hit, who need to keep serving up their IP – for their own sake and for that of the people they serve – and who are at a loss as to what to do.

And one thing to do when things are tough, is to use a system designed to lead to an outcome.

And while it won’t be a panacea for all businesses, that kind of system is what I’m building right now. I’ll probably make a basic instruction+workbook available for free, so that anyone who needs to give their business a push can benefit from it.

More news soon.



P.s. Whenever a business struggles with cashflow, my first question is always: Can you make an offer, sell something, is there anything you can serve your audience with? Usually, the answer is yes. But often, the actual selling part is tricky or scary for people. If that’s you, then read this ebook, 10 Rules for Ethical Selling. Might help you make the sales conversation a little easier:

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