Building an ELF Business (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun) — Only Two Seats Left

Turns out, this mix of group coaching and mastermind was a golden find.

See, most coaches would stay strictly with group coaching – be the hero, the brains behind it all etc.

Not me.

I deliberately wanted to create The Cabal as a space where the group coaches itself, mastermind style.

And it works.

Last week, for example, when we were talking about commissions and client work.

And, the why and how of being selective about which clients you take on.

In comes Paula, who has many years of experience as owner of a web development company.

Drops a golden nugget: “Some money is too costly to earn”.

Which is better than I could have ever said it.

And yes, some jobs or commissions, you really don’t want to take.

Clients who micromanage you, or who keep wanting to change the scope of the job.

That’s the kind of gig you really don’t want.

If you’ve ever done freelance work, you’ll have come across the type.

You’re just about ready with the family portrait, and then they call you:

“We just got a puppy. We want him in the portrait too”.

“Hey, that copy you wrote is great. Now that you’re into it, I guess it’s no problem to also write a press release, right?”

You don’t even want to try and explain why that’s going to cost extra – instead, you want to make sure you never end up with clients like that.

One way to protect yourself is to be very clear right at the start about what is and isn’t included in the agreement.

Where ‘agreement’ is the word to focus on.

Never leave things to chance or assumption.

Tell your client exactly what’s included, what it will cost, and what the surcharge is if things change.

That way, you create an agreement so as to not allow for unreasonable expectations.

And, that’s the only way to develop healthy, mutually beneficial client relationships.

So that’s the kind of thing we talk about in The Cabal: how to run a better, healthier, and more fun business.

Or, as Joe Polish puts it:

Most people end up with a HALF business: Hard, annoying, lame and frustrating.

But if you do it right, you can also create an ELF business: Easy, lucrative and fun.

And The Cabal helps.

Currently, we are 8 members strong, and that means:

Only two more seats available, because I’ve put a cap of 10 members on the group size.

The Cabal is meant to be a strong, intimate, and powerful group, and you can’t get that if there’s tens and tens of people.

So, if you want a team on your side, guided by the monk for entrepreneurs, this is your chance.

Apply for membership here:



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