Building an Empire, Phase 2

You probably know by now that I’m a fairy ambitious kind of guy.

And yes, that was meant to say ‘fairly’, but I figured it’s the fun kind of typo.

Anyway, I have big plans, big dreams, and I’m willing to take risks to realise my dreams.

And if you’ve been reading me for a while, you also know I had a hectic start of the year.

By now I should have published my next two books, launched my art marketing expert interview site, several new interviews, and started several campaigns to both be more visible
and build up my email list.

But as it happened, the only thing I did pull off so far was host a seminar and get it published for sale online.

But now that’s been done and accomplished, and it’s time I move on to the next stage: publish books.

The goal is to get a new one on the market each month.

Not because I think being an author will make me rich (hah!), but it sure will help me grow my audience and my list.

So over the next few weeks, expect to see me talk about my book launch – probably quite a lot.

It’s going to be a series, obviously called ‘The LEAP Art Marketing Series’.

And if you’re new here, LEAP is the marketing system I created, and it stands for:

Listen, Explain, Ask, Prosper.

The first one in the series is called ‘Take Control of Your Art Business’.

It’s finalised, edited, it has professional cover design – it’s ready to show to the world.

And, you can get it for free.

In fact, you can get every book I publish (the entire LEAP series, but also the LEAP Marketing Bible I’ll publish later this year) absolutely free.

I will ask you for a favour in order to get them, but it won’t be anything big or time-consuming.

And hey, if you read these emails I guess you like my writing and the ideas I put into it, so getting all the books for free sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?


But, I need to set up a bunch of things first, so let me get on with that.

Once everything is set up and my launch campaign is ready to start, I’ll let you know how you can get every book I’ll ever publish at 0 cost.

So stay tuned for that…



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