Building an Art Business, One Stitch At a Time

Building a business, one stitch at a time

Here’s something that may help you get through dark times and difficult phases in building your business.

Because let’s face it: there are times we all deal with difficulties or doubts, your own little Stellar included.

So let me take you back a few years, to when I was still a bench tailor, making fine bespoke suits.

I was of the old school, meaning there was a lot of handwork in my suits.

You know: cross-legged on a table, deftly wielding a needle and a thimble.

The chest piece, for example, would get anywhere from 500 to 1000 handstitches, just millimeters apart.

Meditative work, well suited for an ex-monk.

But one hell of a lot of work.

What I enjoyed about it though, was seeing the buildup of results.

Starting out, you see a huge swath of cloth and there’s just so much ground to cover.

But with each stitch made, each row completed, you see that hey now – you’re making progress.

An hour in, and you could see the effort amass into results.

And when you’re in business, there’s something similar happening.

Problem is though, much of the work you do is invisible, you can’t see it build up over time.

Sure I now have over 400 posts on my blog but that’s just part of the mix.

Beyond that is the network I’ve built up and it’s largely invisible.

But I know that it’s much bigger than the people I know and am aware of.

Same thing with my learning: I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts at triple speed, read books, blogs, saw videos – but what I know I know is just a fraction of everything I’ve learned.

And then there’s the effect that my writing and coaching may or may not have had on people: there’s no way I could ever assess all of that.

Even when someone writes me with good feedback – that’s just what they say in that moment, and it’s only one person at a time.

All combined though… I’ve built up far more than I’m aware of.

For you, I’m pretty sure the same thing applies. Whether you’ve been an artpreneur for five years or 15, you’ve built up far more assets than you know.

But even that notion might not be enough.

For me it isn’t, anyway.

I need to see the stitches line up, I want to see the results accumulate.

So I’m going to stick a large calendar on my wall, and I’m going to track my activities.

Just like Seinfeld writes one joke a day every day, and marks that day on a big calendar with a cross.

It’s worked for him, so I’m giving this a try.

Here’s something you could give a try:

Think of the work you’ve done over the years, the network you’ve built up.

Start making a few lists of names and contact details (either email or phone).

One list is for friends and family, another for buyers, maybe one for students if you teach, and one for business contacts.

Then, create a separate list out of the people who are your biggest fans and supporters.

Next, make a plan to contact these people, with a simple question to help you become more visible.

As in: to share something on social media, or to think of people they know that you can contact, or to write you a testimonial – all depends on what will help you most right now.

Create a separate message for each list, and customise it if need be for certain individuals.

Hit send, or start dialling.

That way, you can amplify your reach rather quickly, build your list, and get your work in front of new potential buyers.

Not sure how to formulate such emails in a way that’s not pushy and not pushy?

Then sign up for the September LEAP, where you’ll find template emails written by yours truly (and remember, I used to be a copywriter, you bet they are going to work).

Signup for this issue closes on August 31st, so go here to get in on time –>



So if you ever end up in a slump, if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels or if you no longer see the forest for the trees, why not

In that you need to always keep moving, one foot before the next, buidiong up results.
For a long time, i’ll look like you aren’t achieving anything and you might feel ddisheartened.
But if you do keep at it, you’ll end up building a lot of content and momentum.
And there will come a moment when you can say yes, It’s ready. I can now wear this thing.

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