What I Do? Boring, Who Cares. Tell Me About YOU Instead!

Specifically, tell me what you want, more than anything else.

Because what you want is far more interesting than what I do or how I work.

Whenever people ask me what I do, there’s a range of ways to answer.

Sometimes, I tell them that I play.

Because play=creativity and when working with people who have a dream, the focus is on creating change.

With the emphasis on creating.

Creating different ways to think, to act, to see the world and your place in it.

Inner work, therefore.

Because creating change on the inside is the only way to get different results.

But, this only works if you have a big ambition.

Your drive, and your purpose: they have to be so big that it causes an overpowering decision to change the status quo.

And that status quo is you – that’s where change starts.

So very often, the problem a client wants to work on, or the change they want to make, isn’t the actual issue.

In many cases, there’s something else behind the apparent topic at hand.

For example:

You know how sometimes, a friend will call you up, all annoyed and angry because they’ve had a tiff with their spouse…

And as you listen and talk, you realise that the real problem and the real cause isn’t the spouse – but your friend’s own insecurities, or self-recrimination?

That same thing is what I see happen time and time again with clients.

Someone shows up, presents a problem… but as we talk, it becomes clear that there’s something else behind the apparent.

Something else that we need to work on.

And that something else, that’s always the self.


And why is that so important?

It’s very simple, in 5 parts:

1: You have a vision, a mission, a goal or a masterplan. That’s your ambition.

2: In order to make that real and manifest, we need to create a strategic approach – both in terms of what to do in practical terms as well as what to do about you.

3: Next, there’s your mindset. How do you deal with stuff? Success, setbacks, money, communication… anything going on that holds you back? We create change that propels you

4: Then there’s skillset. What abilities do you need to acquire or develop? Could be communication skills, or writing, or self-confidence, or learning how to listen better and read

5: Finally, there’s energy. There are people, places and habits that give you energy, and there are those that rob you of it. That neighbour who always makes you feel like you’ve
lost a pint of blood after talking to him?

That’s lost energy you’ll never get back, and there are so many things in our lives that have that kind of effect.

Conversely, there are things and people that fire you up and leave you feeling alive and ready to eat the world.

Being clear on how to deal with both sides of energy will have a big impact.

These 5 points, they are like buoys, and we sail from one to the next and back, depending on what you bring to the table during our sessions.

So the answer to ‘Martin, what do you do?’


I help successful people with a desire for playing at an even higher level, to create the inner change required to become more successful.

So if you’re successful, are hungry for more, and you want to change (not feel that you must), then I say:

Let’s play.

Let’s create that change you desire.

Reply to this email if you feel this is about you.

Let’s see what we can create together.



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