Books: Feed Your Mind. Next: Profit

Remember that line?

Books. Feed your mind.

It was an ad that MTV used to run, way back when, in the 90’s.

You know I’m a stickler for learning.

It’s the best.

It’s what enables your future self to do better, earn more, have more time, and be happier than your current self is.

Learning is an investment, and boy does it pay for itself.

Yesterday I got an email from a LEAP subscriber:

“Dammit, the dentist is going to take $2400 from me this month, so I won’t be able to afford the October issue. Sucks, but life happens”.

I send her a reply that it’s all good and that I’m happy to help her catch that one $500 client who’s on the fence.

Did I mention? LEAP subscribers get direct email access to me, so I’d have no problem to help her write a few emails to pull the prospect over the line.

But no, she comes back and says: “Actually? This stuff is too good to miss.

“I’d rather eat beans&rice for a week, rather than go without LEAP and your help”.


That right there is the attitude of a successful person.

The willingness to invest in your knowledge, your prowess, your future self – even if it means making a sacrifice.

If you come at business with that attitude, it’ll be hard to fail, even if you try.

Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill? Not sure who said it, but one of those guys or their peers said that for every dollar you invest in yourself, you make 30 back.

And those dudes knew how to make moolah.

What about you?

Are you learning?


Putting stuff into your mind?


Here’s good stuff to add to the mix:

Comes with Stellar help, too.

“It’s like having a mentor”, said subscriber Gareth.

Who, incidentally, keeps selling paintings since joining.

Am I pitching aggressively lately?

Yep, sure am.

Because this stuff WORKS – subscribers say so.

Get LEAP, see your mind expand, and your sales grow.

No guarantees, other than that I’ll be there to help you – and you bet I’ll be pouring tons of smarts into you.

After all, learning is my lifelong mission and it’s the one thing that’s brought me where I am today.

Learn on your own – or learn fast, with my help.

Up to you how, but get your learn on one way or another.

Like so –>

The benefit of LEAP is – aside from the help you’ll get – that there’s a strategy and system behind what you’ll be learning.

A comprehensive lesson each month, that teaches you mindset, no-BS sales prowess with a ho’ bunch of ethics in, and hands-on applicable tips that you can put to use right away.

Do your future self the favour.

Go here to join the LEAP program if you want your tomorrow to be better than your today –>



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