Bogo Marketing? More Likely Than You Think

In mathematics, there is a sorting algorithm called Bogo sort.

It can be used to automatically sort things. Obviously.

Except, nobody ever uses it because it’s so incredibly ineffective.

It’s also pretty much how most people do their marketing.

It works like this:

Shuffle all items randomly –> Measure if they are in order –> If not in order: shuffle again –> measure if they are in order –> repeat until correct order = yes.

Obviously, that’s not a very fast way to do it.

It’s calculated that Bogo sort is so grotesquely inefficient, that sorting a deck of playing cards with a supercomputer would take twice as long as the current age of the universe.

Nobody would ever use Bogo sort.

And yet, it’s how most people do their marketing

Think up a basic plan, launch it, see if any spaghetti sticks on the wall.

If it doesn’t work, create another haphazard plan and see if that works (the inevitable: “Hey, maybe we should try adwords”, is a nice one).

Plan B doesn’t work, so let’s try something else – something’s got to work at some point… right?

Who knows, you might get lucky. Even Bogo sort will randomly outperform other methods. Once in a billion years, probably.

Not very often though.

And definitely not predictably at all.

Do this instead: choose a method, develop and refine it.

Then launch, measure, adapt, and relaunch.

Repeat until success.

Include or scrap elements as needed and justified by incoming data.

Tweak, observe, test. Test a lot.

Keep doing that until it works.

It’s not that an airplane is the wrong machine for flying: you just haven’t finished building your airplane yet, young Wilbur Wright

There are many ways to build a marketing strategy that has a winning chance, but if you just try something randomly, you’re wasting time and money.

Obviously, the best possible marketing strategy is content based – but of course I would say that.

After all, I make a living creating and selling content so that my clients get more sales.

It’s true though: content marketing is still one of the best and fastest ways to stable sales volumes and a healthy business.

And within content marketing, the big secret is that email marketing is the single best way to do it.

At least, in my not so humble opinion.

Anyway: want content, need strategy?

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