Blindly Shooting Arrows at the Jungle – the Difference Between Strategy and Tactics

Got a nice bit of feedback from LEAP subscriber Gareth, the other day:
Dear Martin, delighted to say that I got the leap newsletter today. I’ve already read it but need to go through it again and read it more carefully.

i think this is all starting to have some influence on me. I’ve actually started using mail chimp and am sending out newsletters, i am now on number 3. The weird thing is that i enjoy it … so i hope i can market in this way.


I love it when a plan comes together: that effect, the ‘all having an influence on me’ that’s precisely what LEAP is designed for.

See, I could create and  sell any kind of thing: a sales letter template, or an email marketing editorial calendar, or a special report to optimise your site for conversions.

All that is useful, but they fall under the heading ‘tactics’.

And while you need to use tactics to make your business works, it won’t do you much good if you don’t have a strategy into which to fit those tactics.

You can tweet and link in – very good tactics. But useless if you don’t have a strategy to follow up with people, and guide them into your own email list, and work with them over time to become clients.

You’d just be shooting arrows at the jungle, hoping you hit something.

Personally, I’d much rather study the landscape first, and talk to the locals, and discover where the tastiest animals hang out and at which times of the day – And only then would I go hunting.

Pretty cool – the guy is a painter who’s sold his work, but never with a real plan or a strategy, much less with any gusto. You know… marketing… beh.

And yet, three LEAPs in, he now says it’s beginning to have an influence on him, and: the weird thing is that now he enjoys it!

I call that a massive win on the part of yours Stellar.

Not that I want to proudly boast, but hey: If I can turn a person, and get them to see the fun and the use and the sense in marketing?

Then I call this Sunday a terrific day.


If you too want to get wise, and get fluent in your marketing, and get your head around business – and yes, start to actually enjoy the process…?

Then that, my friend, is entirely possible.

It all starts here –>



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