Black Bus Driver Reinvents Marketing and Prevents a Suicide While He's At It


Big lesson, too.

Here’s how a regular guy used the single most powerful persuasion technique to save a life.

And, like I always teach: he used persuasion to achieve a greater good.

Darnell Barton was driving his bus on a Buffalo highway.

A woman stood perched on the edge of the bridge.

Our world and her world were about to disconnect – 7 seconds and 400 feet from now.

Darnell saw her, and stopped his bus.

He went over and asked the most perfect question:

“Do you want to come over to this side of the guard rail?”

She said yes and stepped over towards him.

They talked, and in the end she never jumped.

This is a true story, the news report is here.


And it’s so, so very laden.

There is so much to learn in this story – whether you’re thinking in terms of business, life, marketing, compassion…

When you’re called, when life hands you a situation and says “deal with this”, what do you do?

Take the gauntlet?

Tuck your head between your legs?

Put your head in the sand and pretend you didn’t see it?

No: You take action, and you do what has to be done.


“Do you want to come to this side of the fence?”

Of course she did.

She didn’t want to stand there.

She didn’t want to jump.

She was only there because to her it seemed (mistakenly) like the only thing left that she could possibly do.

Once Darryl interrupted her there, and asked ‘Do you want to come on this side?”, she automatically gave her most natural answer: “yes”.

Of course she wanted to be on the right side of the rail. Obviously.

I cheer and applaud for Darnell.

For doing what he did, but also for having the wit to do it right.

You can say a million things to a someone in that situation.

Some might work, others might be countereffective.

Hard to know which is which.

Except: if you ask someone if they want what you know – for a fact – is good for them… you’re very likely to hear a yes

Loop back to marketing and sales: You’re in business to solve problems.

When you’re trying to close a sale or persuade a prospect, you can do it in a million ways.

Some might work, others might not.

But what ALWAYS works, is starting out with their interest as your first goal.

From that logically follows the question: “Do you want this?”

If you KNOW their problem will get solved, if you time it right, and if they REALLY need your solution, they’ll say yes.

No aggressive pitching needed, no hype or sly sales tactics required.

“This is your problem, this is the solution I have. Want it?”

That simple. Do it right, and you’ll be amazed at the results you can get

Do it right, and you can even end up saving a life.

Behold, the power of sales psychology applied to real life.

Hm. This story touched me so much, I don’t even really want to include my regular pitch, hope you’ll forgive. Link at the bottom.


I’m very grateful I saw that video.


Good luck, solve problems, save a life when you get a chance.





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