The Best Advice That Nobody Wants to Hear

The other day a reader wrote in, asking for some advice:

“Hi Martin. I am an artist  and  an author. I want to sell my arts. People only want to buy old and established artist. I am new  and self taught. Please advice how to sell my work. ”

Now if you’ve been reading me for a while you might be able to guess what my reply was.

But if you’re new to my way of thinking, here’s the best piece of advice I could possibly give – which incidentally is the piece of advice *most* people would reject.

“Drop the opinion that people only want to buy from older and established artists”.

Because while it may true that established artists are more in vogue, there’s evidence daily that younger artists also get to have their slice of the pie.

What’s more: there’s plenty of “established” artists who are struggling or who need to adjust to a changing marketplace.

In other words: the truth is somewhere in the middle. Part of the statement is true, part of the statement is false.

But unless you drop the limiting opinion, you’ll find it damn hard to build up your business.

After all, if your starting point is “only established artists sell, and I’m not that”, then how are you ever going to sell your work? You’d be constantly running into reasons why you can’t&it wouldn’t work.

Besides: how do artists (or any kind of entrepreneur for that matter) become established?

By getting out there, persistently showing up, building a fan base, and, yes: by selling. One piece at a time.

So, the advice that nobody wants to hear:

Give up the opinions that say you can’t. ESPECIALLY if you’re very convinced that the opinion is true.

And then, you get to discover what is REALLY true, which you would never if you’d cling to the opinion.

I know, most people will reject this.

But if you don’t, and if you’re willing to explore what IS true rather than constantly finding confirmation of what you THINK is true, very interesting – and profitable – things can happen.

So if you have an opinion or belief that doesn’t help, and you’re willing to let go of it…

Hit reply and tell me what it is… I might be able to help.

Either by writing you, or by inviting you to a strategy session.

So tell me: what opinion do you really no longer need?



Also published on Medium.

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