Being Stuck Really Only Exists In Our Heads

If you look around, there’s money to be made everywhere.

Everything, literally, has trade value. Even trash.

Point in case: there’s this guy in town who collects discarded furniture and household appliances.

He drives it to his warehouse, sees if it works, and once a month a Moroccan guy comes by with a van to give him a few thousand Euros. He loads it all up and takes it to Morocco to sell there.

Free money. Just from picking up what others no longer want.

Bigger example? Trash – household refuse – gets sold internationally. Entire cargo ships are laden rubbish, sailed to a different country, to be incinerated there.

It’s a huge, vast industry.

Dirty money.

Fortunately, there are also more fun ways to make money with opportunities.

Like this artist client of mine: she found a whole archive of collages in her attic that a relative made in the 60’s – and there’s a market for that. So along with her own paintings, she’ll be selling cards through Etsy.

Easy money.

More examples?

Fruit stands: If you play your cards right, and you get fresh cherries, and you choose a good spot – you can make upwards of $1000 a day, with an investment of $200 to $300 per day. I know of a guy who claims he’s doing exactly that.

Let’s see – my friend LaVonne. She decided recently to get bold: She bought a van, gave away whatever didn’t fit in it, and she is now living full-time the thing, travelling as she wants.

“But how will I make money?”

“Wtf – HOW? LaVonne, you’re an awesome writer. Write down your experiences, and sell them at a subscription. People LOVE stories, especially if it’s a 60+ lady with little motivation and a procrastination problem – and she goes off and does one of the hardest things you can imagine – living on the road.

Of COURSE people will buy it”.

So she followed the stellar advice, and is now selling subscriptions.

Fun money. Not too difficult either.

Um let’s see – another one.

This town is small and not very wealthy. But, there is an area with villas and rich people nearby, and there wasn’t any sort of fancy restaurant in town.

There was one, but it’s way out on the beach front, nothing in the town itself.

So the owner of the beach restaurant opened a second place: a fancy and modern little nook in the centre of town, and it’s thriving.

A few other entrepreneurs saw that it’s working, jumped on the bandwagon and also opened a place with fancy design furniture, right on the same street. They’re reaping the rewards.

Smart money.

Just a few examples that show you the difference between gloomily staring out over your empty, beach-front, damast-covered tables, hoping someone will show up today, and saying: “Hey, that looks like an opportunity. Let’s get to work and put some effort into that”.

If you’re stuck, it’s because you’re not seeing a solution

Not because there wouldn’t be a solution

There’s always a solution of some sort. You just need the ability to see it.

Like that monkey experiment they once did. I don’t remember the details, but they built a cage and put a monkey in it.

The cage was constructed so that there were four different ways to open the cage from the inside.

A foot switch, reaching outside and lifting the latch – you get the picture.

The monkey was unable to solve the puzzles. He was stuck.

But then, he found a fifth way to open the cage, one which the researchers hadn’t even considered, and he was out.

You’re stuck? Impossible.

There’s always change waiting to happen, something you can do, something new you can try.

Now, maybe you agree rationally, but you still feel stuck.

If that’s the case, then may I recommend massive action?

As in: get you some stuff DONE, in as big a way as possible.

Filing taxes, sorting your client lists, finishing your blog, writing articles – whatever.

Clean out your garage for all I care – just get busy and get tired.

No need to think about it too much: just take something that needs to be done, and get it over with.

In fact, the more mindless and automatic the work, the better.

Anything, just so long as you’re moving volume.

That’s not going to solve all your problems, but I’m pretty convince you’ll find some sort of solution to one of your problems as you go through the process.

Action is magic.  

That monkey in the cage, he took action: if he had been sitting in the corner, watching CSI and eating Doritos because damn that being locked in a cage is depressive, he wouldn’t have found exit #5
So what do you say, shall we get busy? It’s Monday. Let’s get some stuff done.

Oh, and by the way: should you want to get busy creating an audience of fans and buyers out of your list, then today would be simply a splendid day to book me as a writing mentor.

Which you do over there –>

Man I’m feeling motivational these days. How’s that working out for you?



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