Behold, the Mighty Power of Daily Emails

LEAP subscriber Maria writes in with a comment, and a question about daily emails.

Says she: “Speaking of edges – you gave me the little nudge over the edge in order to finally understand that it’s my duty to learn how to sell and market my art. That it’s a shame not to do it.”

Brilliant, she really got it. It’s not optional, not a choice: it’s your duty to get your work out there in front of people.

Here’s what I told her in reply:


Yes, it’s a shame to not put our art in front of people. Just imagine if I hadn’t developed this writing habit of mine – then you wouldn’t have found me, and you wouldn’t have clicked and realised that not only you can sell your art – it’s also something you must do.

And without my daily writing, I would not have been able to serve, to share from my experience and learning with people who just might need it.

Same thing with writing about art: what you can share will be different, but for an art-buying audience, that’s exactly what they want.

People want stories, to live vicariously through other people.

You, with a simple piece of writing, can be the difference between a dull day at the office – and a dull day at the office “but at least Maria showed up and made me smile and think.”

It is, quite literally, a service rendered.

You needn’t worry about sending daily emails, it’s very unlikely that it will be too much for people.

For some people it would be too much, but for a small group it would be like cheese to a mouse: irresistible.

And that small group, the highly engaged and the people you could call fans, those are the ones who end up buying your work.

As for posting to Facebook instead of emailing: I’m not in favour of it.

For one thing, there’s no telling if people will see it or not.

Only a very small percentage shows up in people’s timeline, even if you follow each other.

You could do ads to make sure people see it, but that’s tricky and can end up expensive.

Then there’s a bigger problem: FB is public, there’s hardly any intimacy in it.

But if you compare that to email – where someone gave you permission, and access to a very protected space (their inbox), the relationship that forms over time will be much much stronger.

More personal, more intimate. That’s the massive benefit of email: you get to talk to people in one of their most protected and private places, and that by itself creates relationships that last a long long time.

Not that you must write daily – twice a week can also work, just so long as you’re consistent with it.

Hey, and glad that I could give you a little nudge :)


Days like these are what make it all worth it. It’s what shows me that yes, daily emails do really work, and that there are people out there who love them.

I can help you get good ‘n fast at writing them.

Not an easy process, and certainly not a magic bullet: it’s training, and I’m not easy.

But, you just might end up like Preeti, who said: “You brought out the writer in me”.

Start here if that’s what you want:



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