Behold, the Mighty Power of a Well-Written Subject Header

Not that I can be sure the one you just read is, in fact, well-written.

But here’s one thing I do know: there’s no such thing as a well-written headline.

There’s only writing the right headline (or email, for that matter) for your individual, personal, specific audience.

No matter which formula you might learn in a course, no matter what the marketing gurus tell you are the headline or copywriting tricks offered thusly:


Sure, some templates and structures are effective, and can be proven to work.

But not in all cases.

What does work, in all cases, if figuring out who your people are, what works for them, and then telling your readers something that will resonate with them.

For example.

A few weeks ago I used the subject header about why women should date a black guy.

I knew I was going out on a limb with that one, but hey.

Besides, the article that came with it gave a good example what not to do, and made the case against gender-bias and discrimination.

So, not a bad message in itself.

But a week or so later, a reader commented on a different email, and said that she was quite offended by that subject line.

Said she didn’t read the piece, and just deleted the email.

(Silly of course – doesn’t she know that I ALWAYS have *cough* something magnificently useful to say?)

Anyway: she deleted the email, but didn’t unsubscribe.

So new emails came in, and one had a subject header that made her click again.

And she loved the email.

Wrote to tell me so, and that I’m back on her read list.

That’s what a subject header can do. Turn someone off, and turn them back on again.

Funny, no?

She suggested I write about the power of headlines.

Here you go Susan. Can you hear me now?

Ok, let’s get to the meat of this thing, the reason I’m telling you this.

If you have even half a personality, and you are able to coherently string at least 5 words together, you very likely can also run a successful (and free, and fun, and sales-getting) email marketing campaign to sell your art.

Sure there’s the initial investment (which will go up several hundred dollars by the end of the month).

There’s the fact that unless you have a list or are building one, it won’t help you.

And there’s also a three-month training trajectory where I give you no-holds-barred feedback and VERY constructive criticism.

But if you stick with it, and once you graduate, you’ll be off like a rocket, cranking out a daily email with ease and glee.

And you’ll see that reflect in the sales you get.

Sign up here, if you dare –>

But I warn you, I had a fiercely masterful training, back in the monastery, and the ‘tude has become part of me.

So it’s not going to be a walk on a bed of roses.

In fact, old Mr. Miyagi ain’t got nothing on me.

So what do you say Grasshopper?

Can you handle fair but fierce training and become rock hard, and split bamboo with your fists?

See if you’re up for it, right here –>



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