Because If Your Diet Isn't Working, You Obviously Go Eat Pizza

I received a few bits of bad news yesterday: First, a colleague told me that he’s had to pause his daily email writing because he’s too busy with client projects.

“Busy making a living”. Yep, I know what that’s like.

Second piece of bad news was from another reader, who, you won’t believe this, has paused her daily writing while she – GASP! – is fixing up her site.

Ok, look here people.

If you need more sales, email marketing gets you those sales.

And not just any kind of *more* sales – email marketing gets you more, BETTER sales, meaning you’ll be able to pick the clients that are most interesting to you.

Look at it like this: If you are swamped in client work, you’re likely taking on too much work at too low a price, just to make sure enough cash comes in.

But if you were charging what your work is actually worth, you’d be earning the same or more, with fewer clients and at fewer hours per week. With me?

Email is a perfect way to end that vicious circle, since you pre-select the people you work with by talking to them every day: you show who you are and what kind of client you like to work with, and that will appeal to exactly that type of person – which means those will be the ones most likely to get in touch and hire you.

In other words: your readers qualify themselves before they ever even get in touch with you, and that means you’ll be getting more high-hanging fruit: the kind of client who really appreciates your work and is willing to pay good money for the best you can deliver.

The result: a lighter workload and higher earnings from a smaller pool of clients – which is how it should be if you really excel at what you do.

And email gets you that.

But only if you keep up your efforts – or even better, start emailing twice a day. Yes, you can do that without burning your list, if you do it right.

But if you stop emailing, you’re effectively pinching the fuel line that feeds your business – which you don’t notice while plodding through underpaid gigs, but as soon as you need another gig, you’ll wish you hadn’t stopped emailing, all those months ago.

On another note: I also had some awesome news come in, because one of my clients just landed in my inbox saying that yep, he’s going to take me up on that 90-day challenge I casually mentioned the other day.

Awesome stuff – it’s going to get him tons of results. I’ll probably do a case study about him at some point, but let’s see how he runs his daily emails, first.

So, what news are you sending me today? On the fence about doing your own daily email thing? Not sure it would work for you?

I’m telling you: Do not sweat it – just jump in and do it: you can’t lose.

Start today. You couldn’t do yourself a bigger favour.

Except, possibly, by also hiring me as a mentor, though I repeat: most of the results will come from the effort and practice and training you put in. You don’t need me for that, so even budget is no excuse to not mail people regularly so long as you’re a self-starter with a bit of stamina.

I’m just here in case you want to go fast – but go you should, with or without me.

Thus spake Stellar.

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