Bogo Marketing? More Likely Than You Think

In mathematics, there is a sorting algorithm called Bogo sort.

It can be used to automatically sort things. Obviously.

Except, nobody ever uses it because it’s so incredibly ineffective.

It’s also pretty much how most people do their marketing.

It works like this:

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This is Not a Cliché: How to Make an Offer They Can't Refuse

Nope, no need to bring a gun.

Unlike Robert de Niro in The Godfather (which is where the quote ‘an offer they can’t refuse’ came from.)

When a business makes an offer the buyer can’t refuse, it’s not about force, or bullying, or being pushy. And certainly no guns.


Most people make a basic mistake when they make an offer.

It looks like this: “I provide product ABC. This is what it costs. Do you want to buy it?”

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Heads Up: Are You Preparing For a Steep Rise in Sales Yet?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but: Are you preparing for the Christmas season yet?

No, I don’t mean you should start promoting Christmas sales just yet.

You’re not a supermarket, and you’re not going to start offering turkey stuffing yet.

What you should do however, is start preparing now.

Right now is the time for you to start thinking of a special Christmas offer that you can make to your audience in a few weeks from now.

Why now?

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Want More Sales? Give Them Permission to…

…permission to say ‘No’

Let’s do some basic marketing maths.

You’ll have heard of Seth Godin, who coined the term ‘Permission Marketing’.

In short, it means you base your broadcast, your strategy and your messaging on the premise that you’ve been given permission.

Email optins are a great example of it.

People voluntarily provide their email address, knowing you’ll be sending them pitches and promotional materials.

So far, so good.

But there’s another kind of permission, and it’s probably even more important.

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Now That's What I Call a Smart Client. Can't Go Wrong


The other day I told you about the killer comma – how small changes to your copy can render it completely ineffective.

One comma can break a page.

So I was thoroughly pleased when I received this email from a client the other day:

Hi Martin,

I have changed our strategy for the end of the facebook challenge.

Attached, please find a revised manuscript of your original post challenge copy.

Please read and see if there are any edits or enhancements that can be made.

IF you could provide feedback by Monday, I would really appreciate it.All of your copy is going to be put in place soon…I am looking forward to seeing how it performs!



Don’t you just love it? That’s how to do it.

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Never Serve Noir a Cold Beer

The waiter walked by unawares, when Noir’s hand suddenly snapped out at him, locking his bicep in Noir’s vice-like fist.

“Why” Noir said grimly, “is this beer not cold?”

The boy began “It’s probably because…”

Noir cut him short: “That’s a rhetorical question. Google it.

And bring me a cold one.

Thanks, kid.”


There are two kinds of customers: The first is like Martin Noir, the other one is like me.

And though Noir isn’t necessarily a fun kind of client to displease, you’d rather have him than me.

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Marketing and Communication 101: One page, One message.

Marketing is communication before anything else.

Communication happens in different ways, for different reasons.

The end result is a sale, and before that there’s getting known, liked and trusted.

Building up those emotions in your reader or prospect is a gradual process.

The single best way to hamper the growth of all those good and positive feelings?


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How to Dramatically Increase Your Email Response Rate – Right NOW



Just ask.

That simple.


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Hype copy: Even More Devastating Than You Might Think

Yesterday I told you about hype copy, and what a filthy beast it is.

But hype copy (or aggressive marketing strategies in general) have a dark side beyond a lack of ethics.

See, if you sell based on hype and scare-tactics, you attract the wrong kind of customers.

When you use hype you prey on the weak.

That’s dirty, but it also means that you’ll get buyers who buy only because they are scared.

After all, hype is a mix of overblown claims (eww) and frantically pushing pinpoints (scaring people).

If you generate a sale with that, you may have closed, but you’ll also have a problem.

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Hype Copy? EWWW. What Kind of Girl Do You Think I Am?

Every now and then I get asked to write hard-hitting, high-persuasion copy.

And then they say: “Kind of similar to this one”.

When I click the provided link, I see a page that sells based only on hype.

Headlines that shout at me, overblown claims, hyperbole in every paragraph.


Obviously, that’s when I decline to take the job

No hype copy here. I’m just not that kind of girl.

See, there is nothing wrong with being persuasive.

Not if you really solve a problem.

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