Assumptions and Freebies

So this client I mentioned the other day, the one who decided she was going to stop offering people her optin incentive?

And in case you don’t know what I mean by that: it’s also called a lead magnet, or more simply: freebie.

It’s the free goodie that you offer people when they sign up to your list.

Well, this client reports back that dropping the freebie works:


“I’m still getting sign ups. More than I got with the incentive.

“So…. With my data showing me it’s working, I’m going to continue… I’m not a crowd follower.”


Obviously, I’m happy for her.

But her reasoning is incorrect.

Because in it, there is an assumption and assumptions are very dangerous.

Assumptions are deadly – just ask my father, except you can’t because he’s dead because of assumptions. True and sad story.

See, this client assumes that not showing a free offer to new subscribers is a good idea, because her results show that without a freebie, she gets more signups.

But that’s not enough to go by.

Not if you want to be certain that your choice is the best choice.

What her experiment shows is that the freebie she used to offer, just isn’t right for her particular audience.

Could well be that a different freebie will get her even more signups than no freebie.

And you can’t determine that unless you test it.

Sure it’s nice that things are working for her now, that people are signing up.

But what if she offers a different freebie, and runs a test to see whether ‘no freebie’ gets more signups than ‘new freebie’?

That way, she can go by facts, instead of assumptions.

And that’s why she’s so lucky to have me as her coach.

Because whatever idea or theory a client will come up with, I’ll never fail to point out assumptions, and offer ways to test the validity of them.

Even the most educated guess is never as reliable as facts.

And your coach, if you have one, will help you uncover, prove, and establish facts.

Anyway, I need to get going.

I’m almost finished writing a book proposal, let’s see if I can send it to my publisher today.

Meanwhile, let me know if you want to have a coach on your team in the new year.



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