Art Is Service. Any Idea How Much You Could Be Adding to That…?

It’s not just about painting pretty pictures.

There’s more to life than letting the muse inspire you.

If your only mission is to earn money with art, you’re missing the point.

Here’s why:

If you live with the ability to create things, to manifest, that means you were gifted a talent, with the purpose of changing the world.

And the actual art that you make, well that’s only part of the gift that you could share.

This was made clear to me once more, when I read what a reader told me in an email:

“You’ve helped me immensely even though I haven’t signed up for more than your emails. I’m not sure I would ever have finally churned up this truth from the pits of life’s insecurities without your help:

Though you cannot eat art to stay alive, bread does not feed the soul.”

Stop and think about that for a moment.

I’m not showing you this to boast – I have a different purpose here.

For this reader, my daily mission to write something that helps you, actually does have the effect I desire:

For you to absorb a thought that makes a difference.

These daily emails, they are service first and foremost.

Point is, you have the ability to do the same thing.

Provided you want to.

See, every action has a reaction, and in terms of humanity, psychology and communication, every message you deliver could cause another person’s state to change.

Just like music, or art, or a massage, or some delicious food can cause another person’s state to change.

And state change, to me that’s what all life is about.

Changing your own state, or offering others the option to change their own state.

There’s nothing lofty or magical about that either.

At any time, you are susceptible to a state of reverie, or melancholy, or beauty or gratitude or happiness, depending on what you expose yourself to.

And conversely, you have the ability to expose others to parts of you that can change their state.

And again: the art itself is a mighty fine too for it, but it’s only part of your toolbox.

This is why I’ll say forever that email marketing is so damn useful.

Whether it’s in writing or in video or audio or whatever your preferred method:

When you put yourself out there in front of people, showing parts of your personality and larger vision, you add something HUGE to the art itself.

And I say that the more you do it, the more you serve the larger purpose of being an artist.

Where Ghandi said ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, I say this:

You are change.

Now my challenge to you:

Live it.



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