Art Sales, Luck Surface Area, and What Marketing REALLY Is

I firmly believe that we create our own luck.

Not just in terms of ‘luck favours the prepared’.

No, we get to actually create it, because as artists, creating is what we do.

But what do you do to create your own luck?

How does that work – do you cook it up in the kitchen, Breaking Bad style?

Paint it on a canvas, sing it?

Nope. It’s much simpler than that.

Luck is something that comes as a consequence of things like mindset, attitude, passion, and action.

Jason Roberts of the TechZing podcast calls it the luck surface area.

You know how certain materials absorb more sunlight or liquid, because their surface area is bigger?

Same mechanism applies to luck.
If you increase your luck surface area, you get to be more lucky.

And that means you get more lucky breaks – like sales, exposure, fame, fans and so on.

So how do you increase your luck surface area?

It’s simple. Jason even has a brilliantly simple formula for it.

Starts with the act of doing something that you’re passionate about.

And it follows with telling people about it.

Multiply those two, and the result is the size of your luck surface area.

Doing x Telling = Luck

Simple, no?

Very true though.

And the cute thing is, all ye who despise marketing and advertising, that he doesn’t talk about marketing.

It’s not about marketing, that’s just a (wildly abused) nomer.

What it is about, is telling people about the thing you do.

That is in the end all that marketing is.

Telling people about the thing you’re passionate about.

And why wouldn’t you?

You’re passionate about it, that art you make – so obviously you want to tell about it.

And because you’re passionate, people will want to listen to it.

And so the more you do it, and the more you tell people about it, the luckier you get.

This is why I’m putting email templates in the next LEAP.

Written according to the tried and tested rules of copywriting.

You just copy them, adjust as needed to fit your art business and your audience.

And then you hit send, and bam: you’re telling anyone who knows you and is interested in your work, about what you do.

And, what they can do to help you increase your reach.

Without you coming across as needy.

And seriously, why not?

You’ve already got an audience, big or small as the case may be.

If those people like your work, it’s only logical that they’ll help you.

People will be more than happy to help – if only you ask, and ask in the right way.

Sign up before midnight tonight to learn that right way.

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