Art Marketing Interview With JohnnyBTruant of the SelfPublishingPodcast


Alrighty, so here’s the interview with JohnnyBTruant, about writing as a marketing tool for artists.

This is the first one in a series, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a looong long series of interviews.

In this one, you’ll hear:

•    Why Johnny thinks writing – or some sort of content creation – is essential for artists

•    The reason people need to know about you and not just your art

•    Why a little bit of egocentricity is unavoidable for artists, and why that’s not a bad thing at all

•    Why talking about yourself is simply an extension of your art and your belief that it should be out there in the world (you do believe that, don’t you, artist?)

•    Why you can talk about what you do – and what Johnny observed about how interesting that is to people.

•    Why art is in a way like telepathy, and you can’t control the message people receive. BUT you can control the context of the message (You paint a picture with words but they perceive it through their own lens)

•    What traffic can do for traffic and visibility, and what Johnny and the SPP boys learned from their blogging experiment

•    Why writing isn’t the only way to attract attention and traffic

•    Why the artist John Unger does what Austin Kleon teaches: show your work

•    Why you must target people who are interested and why you must be always find ways to be relevant to them

•    Why you can easily talk about yourself, so long as you keep it tied to them.

•    Why you should give people a reason why they should care

•    Why transparency is so important

•    Why you must be explicit about inviting people to take action after they read or watch you

•    Be yourself: stop trying to sound like someone else, that’s when you find your own voice

•    Why for self-publishing books you absolutely must publish more than one book

•    Why in nearly all cases it’s a bad idea to design your own book cover

•    Why you should write faster in order to silence the internal critic, and how this enables Johnny to publish 1,5 million words each year.

•    Resist the temptation to go back and make it better

•    An experiment I’m running with a painter friend who writes about his paintings and what Johnny thinks of it

This is a good one. Don’t miss it.

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