Are You The Kind Who Follows Advice? If Not: Don't Ask

Having spent a summer working on three vast projects that took up all my time, I found myself with a shortage of cash and a surplus of bills a few weeks ago.

Trying hard not to panic, I got in touch with a friend. Now this guy is smart. Really smart. In fact, he’s got his own scientific formula and everything.

We chatted a bit, and I complained about my situation. His reply was short, mildly unpleasant and thoroughly effective: “Go talk to people who inquired but didn’t decide. Follow. Up. On. Your. Leads.”

Humbled, I did precisely that. I sent out five emails, got three replies, and sold $2000 worth of copy within 5 days.

Problem solved? I’ll say.

The moral of this story?

Two parts:

1. Always follow up on leads. Always.
2. When you ask for advice, listen to it and act on it. If you don’t you win nothing and you waste people’s time.

You’re welcome.

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