"Are You Sure This Stuff Works? And That it Will Continue to?"

I don’t mind tough questions.

My friend – not an entrepreneur, and fairly skeptical of marketing – wanted to know about my newsletter.

Yeah, I do believe it works. And yep – it’s going to continue working.

How do I know?

Because what I teach goes down to the fundamentals, the core of what it means to be human.

We are inherently social beings, always have been. Even when the first caveman dragged the first cavewoman back to his cave so as to make cave-babies, human beings have had relationships.

That’s never, ever, going to go away.

So that’s the first premise of the LEAP approach: it’s about them, the other, and how you learn to relate to them.

Building relationships is what it’s about.

Secondly, my system is based on the very, very ancient principle that society is based on trade and exchange.

If you hunted, say, a buffalo, and you’d finally schlepped the carcass back to your cave – you’d share the meat with others provided they let you use their fire to roast it.

That was then. These days we exchange intangibles such as favours and kindness, or we exchange inventions such as money.

But the very same principles that have fostered human evolution and growth are still at play. It’s human nature.

So yes: the principles I teach: they work.

Ho’ bunch of researchers and smart marketers saying the same thing, in fact.

When you learn people, and understand them fully, and build relationships based on that understanding and kindness, you will eventually build an audience and that’ll turn into sales.

And yep: it will continue working, as long as there are humans.

I’m pretty sure of it.

Learn the methods, attitudes and strategies here –> http://martinstellar.com/leapfrog-your-business/



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