And Now, Let’s Turn Your Intellectual Property Into Revenue

“Huh… that’s so cool!”

Ever had someone say that to you?

Or maybe: “Oh, that’s clever!”

Or: “You’re good!”, or: “That’s why we pay you the big bucks!”.

Whatever thing you were doing just before they said that, that’s you operating in your zone of genius.

That’s when you apply your intellectual property, and make a difference with it for people.

And if right now you’re having trouble in your business because people aren’t buying as often as they used to, or are taking more time, or are not buying the same things, I have something that might help.

It’s useful for trainers, speakers, consultants – anyone who can’t go out and deliver your work right now…

…But it also helps you if you’re, say, a fysio therapist, or an artist, or a cook or tailor or a farmer or photographer.

Basically, anyone who would normally show up to do&deliver, but can’t because of the situation the world is in.

Because the truth is that each of us, no matter what our work or expertise, have our own ‘zone of genius’, in which we do our work in a way that nobody could copy.

Our unique ability, tied directly to our own intellectual property.

Meaning: what you know, and have built and developed over the years, and do in a way that makes – or rather: made? – people pay for it.

Now that we’re all working from home, we need to adjust. Reinvent, pivot, and develop new ways to keep business rolling, clients coming in & getting served, and revenue coming your way.

Enter IP2P – Intellectual Property to Profit.

It’s a brand new system I started developing the moment Spain went into lockdown, and it’s designed to quickly extract that IP of yours, package it in a way that your previous buyers will be interested in, and, very important: help you get that puppy sold too.

Because it’s all very good to follow a training on how to build a course, but if you also want to sell it, the course itself isn’t enough.

Nor are the old ways of selling, with ads and social media and what have you. Those might still work, but it means doing things the hard way, especially now that people are all in a tizzy and there’s a lot of scattered attention.

Doing it the easy way, how I see it, means going out (well…) to talk to your customers, find out what they most need, and have them inform you on what you need to build to serve them and solve their problems.

Those people have already paid you, are likely to pay you again if you have the right offer, and so long as you listen to their needs, there’s a good chance that you can create a new revenue centre in your business within a week or maybe two.

All depends on what system you use and how you apply yourself.

And as far as that system goes, I’ve got it for you, right here.



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